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Naraka Bladepoint Nature of Taoism Guide - Spirit Charms & Rewards List

Rules of nature.

A new limited-time event begins with Naraka Bladepoint Nature of Taoism. Released alongside Wuchen, the latest character to join the roster, you get the chance to gain a new in-game currency by completing daily tasks. If you’re curious about how to earn Spirit Charms in Naraka Bladepoint as promptly as possible, here’s all you need to know, as well as the rewards for your efforts.

How to Earn Spirit Charms During the Nature of Taoism Event – Naraka Bladepoint

Spirit Charms are a new in-game currency introduced with the addition of Wuchen to the list of characters. At the moment, you can only earn Spirit Charms during the Nature of Taoism Event, which ends on January 26.

Naraka Bladepoint Nature of Taoism 2

Throughout the coming week, you can access the event’s screen by going to Event Center in the main menu, which is on the right bottom corner. There, you’ll see a list of quests — these reset daily, so make sure to log in each day to make the most out of it.

Here are the day 1 Nature of Taoism quests:

  • Log in once: Rewards three Wuchen trials to test the character in matches — if you already have it, you’ll get a small amount of Tae instead
  • Participate in 1 game mode today: Rewards 4 Spirit Charms
  • Deal 2,000 damage to enemies with Wuchen: Rewards 6 Spirit Charms
  • Deal 2,000 damage with Longsword: Rewards 5 Spirit Charms

While there is a focus on using Wuchen for one of the quests, it doesn’t seem like it will be completely mandatory. Still, even if you don’t want to purchase the character, the Wuchen trials will come in handy.

Spirit Charms Rewards List – Naraka Bladepoint Nature of Taoism

It wouldn’t be an event without goodies to cash in, and while there aren’t many, there are a couple you should definitely try and grab before Naraka Bladepoint Nature of Taoism comes to an end.

You can spend Spirit Charms in the following rewards:

  • 100 Spectral Silk: 1 Spirit Charm each (can be redeemed up to 99 times)
  • 160 Tae: 1 Spirit Charm each (can be redeemed up to 99 times)
  • Spring Lantern: 18 Spirit Charms
  • Rare Noble Apparel Kan outfit (Wuchen exclusive): 12 Spirit Charms
  • Epic Sunwing Relics Splitter Longsword skin: 25 Spirit Charms
  • Legendary Soul Peal accessory (Wuchen exclusive): 45 Spirit Charms

Naraka Bladepoint Nature of Taoism 1

From the selection of rewards, I recommend grabbing Spectral Silks if you had your eyes on an item from the Spectral Silk store. This is a rare currency, and the event makes for a great opportunity to gather as much as possible. Tae, on the other hand, is much more common — unless you’ve exhausted most of the daily quests or weapon proficiency rewards and need a couple extra hundred, I’d focus on Spectral Silks for this event. Especially since it’s only active for a week.

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The cosmetic rewards are up to personal preference, depending on whether or not you want a new Longsword skin or attire options for Wuchen. That being said, you can use the Spring Lantern for Mascot’s Blessing. This involves limited-time rewards accessed from the Mascot’s Blessing button on the main menu, found on the left column below the daily quests list. Usually, Spring Lanterns cost 360 gold (almost $3 USD), so this is a good chance to take a gamble for a cool reward just by completing a few quests.

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