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Monster Hunter Rise Best Charge Blade – Weapon Tier List (May 2021)

The not-so-simple truth.

We’ve finally come to one of the most complex weapons in the series — which makes finding the best Charge Blade in Monster Hunter Rise a bit difficult. Still, there are lots of wonderful options to choose from. You should be able to find something no matter what your playstyle! And I’m here to help with a quick look at the very best Charge Blades to look at first.

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1. Scream in the Night

This Nargacuga blade is just silly. Strong sharpness and excellent Affinity are common on most weapons in this archetype. The raw damage is no slouch this time, either, and the Level 2 decoration slot is perfect for adding Master’s Touch. That skill, in turn, will make better use of your small chunk of white sharpness. Finally you have Impact Phials for a bit of utility (they help stun monsters) and universal appeal regardless of monster weakness. The Ramp-Up skill Defense Grinder II adds even more comfort, as well.

2. Araknablade

After Title Update 1, the Araknablade has the unique standing as the only Rarity 7 Charge Blade in Monster Hunter Rise. That doesn’t make it inherently better than anything else. But it’s a convenient indicator of maximum potential. This blade has decent raw damage, very good Fire element, and more than enough Affinity. Now combine its decent chunk of white sharpness with Master’s Touch, which was also added in the first update. You’ve got a decently comfortable set with tremendous decoration slots. Though it’s really meant for foes weak to Fire. Its Element Phials leave that part of the weapon pretty inert against other monsters.

3. Arcane Draw I

The Chameleos Charge Blade is quite interesting. It’s an all-around good, raw weapon with solid Poison in the mix. You can then combine that with three or four pieces of Chameleos armor (which is easier to craft when you’re already working on the weapon). With the right combination, this grants you Chameleos Blessing, which doubles the duration of each Poison proc. That means double the damage from poison on particularly long fights. Plus you get a juicy Level 3 decoration slot, as well as decent sharpness and raw damage.

What makes or breaks this weapon is Chameleos Soul. The jury is still somewhat out on this signature skill, but it’s worth trying when the weapon itself is pretty solid. The Ramp-Up ability has a chance to heal you, boost your stamina regeneration, grant a defense boost, or add to your attack for a limited time — every single time you hit a monster. The other element at play here is that little “I” in the name. It shows that this weapon will get a future upgrade down the line. So building it now is an investment toward a future, more powerful Charge Blade. Unlike some of these, which may not upgrade ever again.

4. Stunning Axe

Make no mistake. This is a raw damage weapon that just happens to have some Ice element. If you’re up against a monster weak to Ice, that’s great! If not, you’ve still go Impact Phials and 230 raw damage. Plus you’ve got a very valuable Level 2 decoration slot. Brutal Strike does a good job of counteracting your negative Affinity, too. While it’s no replacement for a naturally high critical hit chance, actually including Weakness Exploit and Critical Eye is tricky in Monster Hunter Rise, thanks to the lack of Level 2 slots. Ignoring it in favor of other, more consistent damage types gives space for comfort skills.

5. Final Fieldblade

The Mizutsune Charge Blade fits a slightly similar role as the Goss Harag option. Only it does Water damage. Notably, it does more Water damage than the Ice weapon does Ice. Though it loses a ton of raw power in the process — as well as the Level 2 slot. This end result is something especially strong against monsters weak to water damage, and pretty effective everywhere else. Especially when you factor in the 20 percent Affinity.

Hopefully this helped you on your way to the best Charge Blade in Monster Hunter Rise for you! We’ll be sure to update this guide as new monsters and weapons appear. Until then, happy hunting!

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