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Marvel's Avengers' War Table Was the Most Holistic View of the Game Yet

Destiny, but beat em up.

Marvel’s Avengers has been in the public consciousness for awhile since it was revealed last year, but there is still a lot of mystery around the game’s structure and moment to moment. Today, developer Crystal Dynamics hosted a Marvel Avengers: War Table stream to break down just what the game is, and it basically looks like a character action game/beat em up with live service elements that could keep it in folks’ rotation beyond the first few months. Or as Features/Trending editor merritt k describes it: “What if Destiny was a beat em up?”

The whole showcase started with a new story trailer, which introduced MODOK as the game’s main villain, as well as showed Ms. Marvel’s attempts at getting the superhero group back together after they’d been branded a menace by the public. The fallout means the heroes have a bit of baggage to work through, which I’m sure will be sorted out calmly and without any Hulk-related property damage.

Check out the trailer below:

During the stream, Crystal Dynamics showcased Hero Missions, which will focus on individual Avengers to showcase both their individual stories and abilities. The stream honed in on Thor, who uses his hammer, thunder abilities, and flight to deal high damage both in close quarters and at a distance.

But the game is also meant to be played cooperatively, and each hero will have support abilities and ultimate abilities like a MOBA. Thor can use his support skill to give teammate attacks an electric buffer, and bring down the power of the bifrost for high damage.

Each character has skill trees that players can put points in to customize playstyles. Beyond abilities, customization extends to cosmetics as well, with each character getting outfits and costumes that reference different eras. This will also include emotes and profile customization, and some of them will only be available through the in-game marketplace rather than unlocked through progression.

When you’re not doing Hero Missions, there’s War Zones missions to do as well, which are less story-driven, but are all in the name of building up your in-game resistance, which will, in-turn, give you access to more of these missions.

Crystal Dynamics says that future content updates, including story updates, will be made available at no additional cost.

Check out the full stream:

In other news:

Marvel’s Avengers is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on September 5. Crystal Dynamics has also confirmed it’s bringing the game to PlayStation 5 and Xbox One on their respective launch dates, and if you own it on the previous consoles you can get a free upgrade when you make the jump to the new systems.

For more on Crystal Dynamics’ latest, check out our written preview from when we got a chance to check Marvel’s Avengers out at PAX West last year.

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