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Life Is Strange: True Colors Is Already Making My Gay Heart Explode

Alex and Steph are so hot, especially together. Thanks for my rights.

Every time I think I can’t be more excited about Life is Strange: True Colors, I’m proven wrong. It just had a pretty big news week, with several press interviews — particularly with narrative director Felice Kuan and Erika Mori, the voice and performance actor for protagonist Alex Chen — getting published. Alongside them have arrived a couple of new videos, including one that introduces you to the cast and another that introduces you to Alex. And both have made this bisexual want to yell.

To understand why, please do watch the video above. In it, you’ll get to know all the folks you’ll be interacting with in Haven Springs — including Steph, one of Alex’s love interests. And… please. I already loved Steph in Before the Storm, but this? The way Steph’s introduction is her cooly doing her thing as a radio host, turning to Alex as she walks in, and flirting with her from the first moment? Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique. They knew what they were doing to the gays with this one. I am so thankful.

And okay, fine. I’m also gonna give a little credit to Ryan, Alex’s other love interest. He seems funny and sweet, and his introduction here is particularly charming. Good for him! It’s just too bad I will never break my rule of going with the same-sex romance option in a Life is Strange game. The poor man just stands no chance. Life is gay, and will always be gay. Everyone else seems wonderful, and I’m particularly happy to see such inclusive casting, too. But forgive me if the only one I really focus on is Steph. And the cat at the end. Again, they did it for the gays.

Regardless, Ryan still has the chance to date Alex, while I don’t. So I think we all know who’s the real winner here. If you’re in doubt (it’s absolutely him), I recommend watching the new video that officially introduces you to her.

Alex is “sharp, witty, and hardened in the way foster children must be in order to survive.” Sensitive to the needs of others and observant, she’s on the more reserved side. Both Max from Life is Strange and Sean from Life is Strange 2 strike similar cords to me as protagonists. I love seeing the series continue to focus on characters with personalities — and identities — that we don’t traditionally associate with heroes in games. While Alex’s unique power of experiencing, absorbing, and manipulating the strong emotions of others has made her struggle with isolation her whole life, it is why she’s the one who can solve the mystery that haunts Haven Springs. After her brother Gabe dies in a mysterious accident, she has to embrace this power to find the truth of this small town — and decide if this is where she belongs.

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Life is Strange: True Colors was unveiled at the first Square Enix Presents a little over a month ago. Deck Nine, which developed Life is Strange: Before the Storm, is returning to create this mainline entry. While Before the Storm is my least favorite of the current lineup of Life is Strange games, the announcement and everything that was shown couldn’t have made me happier. It’s largely because rather than delivering their own take on characters crafted by Dontnod Entertainment, Deck Nine will be handling their own entirely original cast. It’s a crucial difference that makes me excited instead of cautious. I have an endless amount of love for each game’s protagonist; they’re some of my favorite characters in the world — and Alex already seems wonderful and like she’ll have no trouble joining them.

Be sure to listen to the RPG pals share all their thoughts on the reveal and the Square Enix Presents showcase on 99 Potions.

Life is Strange: True Colors will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Google Stadia on September 10.

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