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How to Increase Colt's Health & Power in Deathloop

The groovy new action/adventure game Deathloop has finally been released. Developed by famed developers, Arkane Studios, Deathloop is all about attempting to kill eight targets in a single day. This is easier said than done since death will send you back to the start of the day. Taking inspiration from the rogue-lite genre, Deathloop is all about dying and using the information gathered to improve your performance. Even though there are a number of powers and weapons you can unlock, you’ll also want to consider upgrading Colt’s health and power. However, you will need to do a bit of hunting if you want to improve Colt’s chances of survival.

How to Increase Your Health and Power

Colt’s health and power can only be increased by using specific trinkets that randomly drop from, dead enemies and Visionaries. There are three different trinket rarities, each of which will impact how much additional health or power you’ll receive. Since there are no in-game names for the different rarities, the order from weakest to strongest goes gray, blue, and purple. If you are looking to increase your health to the maximum amount you’ll want to find a purple Never Say Die trinket. Inversely, if you want to raise the amount of power you have then you’ll want to rock a Juiced Up trinket. This is the only way to increase your power and health in Deathloop. If you take the trinkets off, Colt’s stats will go back to what they were when you started.

These trinkets can drop randomly from Residuum infected Eternalists, Visionaries, or as a reward hidden on the map. While you will certainly earn the blue variants of Never Say Die and Juiced Up early on if you want the best version you’ll want to kill as many Visionaries as possible in a loop. From my playthrough of the game, it seems that trinkets are entirely random. That being said, Visionaries always drop at least 2-4 purple trinkets upon their death, so you’ll always want to kill them. One of the best Visionaries to farm is Wenji. Not only does she have multiple clones of herself, some of which can also drop some trinkets, but her security is fairly minimal in comparison to others.

If you’ve progressed farther into the game, the lead that lets you kill both Fia and Charlie is hands down the best way to farm for trinkets. They are exceptionally easy to kill, have essentially no security, and can be ambushed during their meeting. This is also the best place to gain a large amount of Residuum since they will each drop a large amount when they perish. Just make sure to have at least 8,000 Residuum when you leave, otherwise, you won’t have enough resources to permanently keep this trinket.

I strongly suggest you at least use the Never Say Die trinket, even if it’s just a blue. Enemies in Deathloop hit very hard and it can be easy to die from just a few stray gunshots. Having extra health will ensure you can survive most encounters with large groups of Eternalists or if Juliana invades during your assassination attempt.

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