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Here's What You Missed from Today's Square Enix Presentation

Life is Strange, Project Athia, and more.

Did you miss today’s Square Enix Presents? The livestream was announced last week as a Nintendo Direct-style presentation for Square Enix games with a particular focus on their western branch and a deep dive into the new Life is Strange game. If you didn’t get a chance to watch, we got you covered right here.

  • Hey, remember Outriders? That’s still a thing! A new cinematic trailer introduces the game, which was recently announced as coming to Game Pass on launch day.
  • Matt Mercer is narrating the show, who at first I thought was Troy Baker.
  • Honestly Outriders seems neat.
  • Tomb Raider’s 25th anniversary is this year. They switched off Matt Mercer to someone else to talk about Lara Croft. There will be a Netflix “anime,” a digital bundle of the Tomb Raider reboot games, a statue that for some reason they showed a picture of a half-finished stand for, and some Lara crossovers. Also she’s in Fortnite, complete with Croft Manor.
  • I am not going to be one of those people snobby about Mobile games, they’re often quite good, but man the CG trailers that do not at all represent what a game (in this case, Just Cause Mobile) looks like feel disingenuous.
  • Square Enix Montreal’s new game is Hitman Sniper Assassins, which is confusing for several reasons!
  • Square Enix Montreal and Taito are collaborating on a new mobile game, a modern revival of Space Invaders.
  • Darius Revival, an, uh, revival of Darius is coming to PS4 and Switch.
  • Bubble Bobble is back! Kind of!
  • Marvel’s Avengers trailer for the new update today with the second Hawkeye in as many characters. It has been six months and the only two characters are Hawkeyes.
  • The next-gen update for the game is out and includes improved textures, better loading, and higher resolution.
  • Taskmaster is in this one too, despite being one of the only two repeatable bosses of the main game. Whenever Taskmaster isn’t on screen, people should be asking “Where’s Taskmaster?”
  • Black Panther and Wakanda are coming “later this year.”
  • Balan Wonderworld still exists, somehow!
  • Life is Strange 3, er, True Colors is announced, you can get the details here.
  • Deck-Nine is developing the game, indicating that Dontnod and Square Enix have split on the series.
  • The entire game will release on Sept. 10, no more episodic breaks.
  • Life is Strange and Before the Storm are releasing in a remastered collection, which hits this Fall. It will also be a part of the True Colors special edition.
  • Project Athia shown again with star Ella Balinska, who also starred in the recent Charlie’s Angels reboot. The game also finally gets a name, Forspoken.
  • Another Square Enix Presents is announced for Summer, likely replacing their E3 presentation.

That’s it!

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