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Here's a Little Bit Over 14 Minutes of Street Fighter 6 Gameplay

We got to play Street Fighter 6, courtesy of Capcom, and decided to share the gameplay we took along the way.

Like the title says: here are 14 minutes of Street Fighter 6 gameplay for you to enjoy! Developer Capcom let us see the game behind closed doors recently, so we figured we’d simply share a quick slice of the game for you to peruse and pick apart at your leisure. You can find it in the YouTube video embedded below!

Yes, technically that’s just shy of 15 minutes, but we let the game linger on the character select screen for a bit so that folks could hear the music for themselves. And who’s counting, really?

Street Fighter 6 is the first numbered sequel to the seminal fighting game franchise since Street Fighter V was released in 2016. The older game received fairly tepid reviews at the time, largely thanks to a thin feature set that Capcom did manage to beef up over the last few years. But even after so many updates and additional DLC characters, it feels like a lot is riding on the sequel this time around. Folks are understandably eager to get their hands on it for themselves and see what’s what.

We can’t help you there. However, this Street Fighter 6 gameplay does showcase four playable characters: Chun-Li, Jamie, Ryu, and Luke. The last character was shown in the original teaser for the game that played after a semi-mysterious countdown timer, though he actually debuted as an add-on character at the tail end of the aforementioned Street Fighter V. So far, out of the officially announced (which is to say non-leaked) characters on the roster, Jamie is actually the first wholly original fighter.

That’s not all that’s new, of course. Chun-Li also has a different voice actor in the form of Jennie Kwan. The game is also supposedly set after the events of Street Fighter 3; the prior two sequels were not. This makes it the furthest main game on the Street Fighter timeline so far. It also means that — at least barring any magic, super-science, or other fictional shenanigans — several iconic characters are canonically dead by the time the game takes place — characters like M. Bison, just to name a big one.

Lest that get you down, however, the tone of the game seems appropriately goofy in spots. At least part of it seems set in Metro City: the primary setting of Capcom’s Final Fight series of brawlers, which means we get plenty of statues showing masculine mayor Mike Haggar. There’s also a new feature called “Game Face,” which lets you make… silly faces at your opponent before fights start.

It’s honestly great that, despite the silliness, Street Fighter 6 seems just as downright cool as any other game in the series (just listen to that music again). Street Fighter 6 is officially slated to arrive on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC sometime in 2023. The game also reportedly features crossplay, so don’t worry too much about your platform of choice.

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