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Forever Entertainment Enters Deal to Release 'Several' Square-Enix Remakes

They're all from the same brand, too.

Forever Entertainment, the publisher behind the Panzer Dragoon: Remake that launched last year, has entered an agreement with Square-Enix to produce “several” remakes of the company’s games.

According to the announcement, the specifics of the arrangement mean that Forever Entertainment will cover all the costs of these projects, with the plan being to maintain games’ story and gameplay, just with updated visuals. So don’t expect any kind of Final Fantasy VII Remake overhaul to come out of this. The description honestly sounds like more a remaster, which usually entails a new coat of graphical paint on top of similar systems. But we’re probably just splitting hairs at this point.

As part of the partnership, Forever Entertainment will receive a 50% profit share on the projects with Square-Enix.

The announcement says these “several” remakes will all be from the same brand, meaning it might be working on modernizing a series for current consoles. There aren’t any specifics, but Final Fantasy has a lot of games that aren’t playable on your PlayStation 4/5 or the current line of Xboxes. There’s also Dragon Quest, which has even fewer games on modern consoles as of this writing. Or it could even be something that doesn’t immediately come to mind. Square-Enix owns a lot of shit. There’s not much to go on here just yet, but if you’re a fan of any of Square-Enix’s properties, there’s a chance one of them might be finally entering the modern age.

Also, please bring Final Fantasy XIIIXIII-2, and Lightning Returns to my PlayStation 5. Thank you.

In other news:

One thing that’s probably for sure is that this isn’t going to be for games that have already had the remastered treatment in recent years. Including the Kingdom Hearts games, which Square-Enix took care to bring to modern systems in preparation for Kingdom Hearts III’s launch in 2019. The series is coming to PC at the end of the month. Which means the modding community is going to get their hands on it and create some monstrosity with the already monstrous Disney/Final Fantasy crossover.

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