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Final Fantasy VII-Related News Likely Coming Next Month

Tetsuya Nomura says some news will be coming soon.

The extent to which I liked 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake is honestly a little shocking. Over the past two decades, I had somehow and for some reason convinced myself that Final Fantasy VII was not a formative part of my childhood and that I did not have a deep sense of attachment to it. Ever since the ending of Remake, an acknowledged first part of a multipart series, I have been waiting for bated breath for more, and it seems like that wish may finally be granted.

During a promotional livestream for the upcoming mobile battle-royale FFVII spinoff First Soldier, overlord of all things Final Fantasy VII Tetsuya Nomura casually mentioned that more news from the sub-series should come fairly soon.

“I wonder how far I’m allowed to share about it [right now],” Nomura said through a translation by RPGSite.  “Next month we will publish various things,” he reiterated, having stated that they’re aiming for next month to talk about FFVII’s 25th anniversary.

This isn’t necessarily a guarantee of anything Remake-related, however. There’s multiple irons in the Final Fantasy VII fire, including the aforementioned First Soldier. In addition, there’s Ever Crisis, another remake of sorts for Final Fantasy VII, which is a mobile episodic RPG that reimagines the PlayStation original (and other associated content) with a similar viewpoint but different artstyle and graphics. The game seems to try to approximate what you remember Final Fantasy VII looking like versus what it actually looked like. Ever Crisis got a release window of 2022, so it would make sense for Square Enix to start actually talking about it soon.

But we can dream, right? Maybe, hopefully we get a glimpse of Remake Part II or whatever it’s called here? After all, not many people expected Kingdom Hearts IV to be revealed during the series anniversary presentation last month.

Last year, Nomura said he would not be directing the next chapter in the Remake series — probably because of Kingdom Hearts IV — but he is still acting as its Creative Director. He has also teased that the next bit is ready to show, even alluding to more open areas in the marketing footage that he hasn’t been given the greenlight to show yet.

We’ve technically passed Final Fantasy VII’s 25th anniversary in Japan back in January, but the anniversary of its English release comes this September. Square Enix likely just counts the entire year as its 25th anniversary, which is only kind of how anniversaries work.

[Source: RPGSite]

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