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Fall Guys' Servers Are Being Bombarded, So PS4 Account Creation is Disabled

The PS Plus audience wants in.

From the looks of it, Mediatonic’s Fall Guys is about to be a runaway success, as the game has been available for PlayStation Plus subscribers for only a couple hours as of this writing, and the studio has had to temporarily disable account creation for the system because of the massive influx of players coming in.

The studio posted on the game’s official Twitter account that the game has been having typical online game launch day troubles with ensuring server stability, which happens to even the biggest games around on day one. The studio told people that servers were down, and that they’d be turning them back on momentarily. To test them, they were brought back online before an official announcement was made, and despite this, thousands of people immediately poured in to try and play.

To keep this from happening again, account creation on PlayStation 4 specifically has been disabled for the time being to keep the people trying to sign in at bay.

Eventually, PlayStation 4 players will be able to play with PC users, as well, since the game is going to have cross platform play. However, this feature isn’t available during launch, and as of right now, there’s no window for when that will be implemented. But given that Mediatonic is still sorting out individual servers for PlayStation 4, maybe it’s a good thing that isn’t also something that has to be taken into account on launch day, yeah?

In other news:

Fall Guys is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers this month alongside the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, but even before it was available for millions of people to freely download, Mediatonic’s game was already seeing some popularity during its beta phase because it’s very entertaining to watch. Clips are going viral on social media, and the frantic nature of the game makes for good streaming content.

While you can’t register your account for it at the moment, you can still download Fall Guys to your PS4 right now. I’m doing it as I write this, and I might be about to make a shift in my weekly Jackbox Party Pack discord calls this week to play this instead. As Natalie Flores wrote during the beta, Fall Guys is a great party game, especially in the midst of a pandemic when you and your friends are quarantined at home. We’ve been playing Jackbox for months now, so I’m looking forward to shaking things up by falling into the abyss with my friends sometime soon.

While the servers are in flux, be sure to check out some of our guides before you head out, as we’ll be rolling out some over the coming days. Like this one, for example, where we break down what Kudos do and how to go about getting them.


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