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Disney Characters Who Definitely Won't Appear In Kingdom Hearts

Disney has had a long, long history. It’s IP catalog is a mile thick and Square Enix could pull from basically anywhere in the Disney canon for new Kingdom Hearts planets and characters. Frank, our video producer, took it upon himself to review a list of characters and universes that probably won’t ever appear in a Kingdom Hearts game.

When I heard about the project I definitely thought, “oh no this is just gonna be old racist characters oh no I’m gonna have to totally reject this idea,” but NO. Frank came through in the clutch.

I should’ve never doubted him.

You should absolutely watch the video, but suffice it to say Frank touches on some properties I didn’t immediate associate with Disney, let alone Kingdom Hearts. Please, please, please take a stroll down memory lane and imagine a world with Gaucho Goofy and The Mighty (Donald) Ducks.

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