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How to Get the Digital Deluxe & Preorder Rewards in Deathloop

The groovy new action/adventure game Deathloop has finally been released. Developed by famed developers, Arkane Studios, Deathloop is all about attempting to kill eight targets in a single day. This is easier said than done since death will send you back to the start of the day. Taking inspiration from the rogue-lite genre, Deathloop is all about dying and using the information gathered to improve your performance. While you may not keep everything when you die, Colt will retain all knowledge you earn such as Visionary locations, special events, and even codes. For those that pre-ordered or purchased the Digital Deluxe edition of Deathloop, there are a number of helpful in-game goodies you can unlock to help you break this never-ending cycle.

How to Get the Preorder & Digital Deluxe Rewards

In order to unlock the plethora of rewards, you will need to complete The Longest Day mission first. This is essentially Deathloop’s prologue, which will introduce various mechanics and the general world of Deathloop. It takes roughly 1-2 hours to complete, depending on how much time you actually spend exploring the different open areas of Blackreef. Upon completing The Longest Day mission, you will learn about how to manipulate time in Deathloop’s menus, along with tracking different objectives.

Once this tutorial is finished, open up Colt’s loadout by pressing Triangle (PlayStation)/Y (Xbox). You can now equip the Tribunal silenced pistol and Vopat Trencher shotgun. Additionally, the Personal Touch and Golden Harvest trinkets can also be used. These are fairly powerful trinkets, especially Personal Touch if you’re going for a stealthier approach. Being able to quickly assassinate enemies can mean the difference between escaping and being detected by Blackreef’s guards. I definitely recommend using them if you are struggling at all or just want a slight edge during your initial playthrough.

As for Colt’s outfit, you can change that by dragging your cursor over Colt’s jacket. This will bring an option to change Colt’s clothing, most of which has to be unlocked by playing the game itself. These outfits will provide you will absolutely no in-game benefits, but they do make Colt look even better! Additionally, if you received any content for Juliana Black, this can be added from the main menu once you select “Protect the Loop.” At the time of writing this, you cannot earn these rewards outside of pre-ordering the game or getting the Deluxe Edition of the game.

Finally, you can earn the Ever After firearm and Eternalist Colt skin by signing up for Arkane Outsiders. All you need to do is go to this link and then select “Log In and Join Now.” You’ll be asked to sign into your Bethesda.net account (or make one) and then link that account to your platform of choice. Once you log into your account and verify your email, the items will be added to your game. Similar to the ones above, these will be accessible following The Longest Day prologue missions.

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