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Deathloop Heritage Shotgun Guide - Karl’s Bay Game Box Locations

The groovy new action/adventure game Deathloop has finally been released. Developed by famed developers, Arkane Studios, Deathloop is all about attempting to kill eight targets in a single day. This is easier said than done since death will send you back to the start of the day. Taking inspiration from the rogue-lite genre, Deathloop is all about dying and using the information gathered to improve your performance. While you will primarily focus on killing the eight Visionaries, you can also complete a number of side quests for extremely powerful weapons. One of these is the Heritage shotgun, which asks you to find every one of Charlie’s game boxes in Karl’s Bay.

Here’s where to find every box and how to earn this weapon:

How to Get the Heritage Shotgun

To unlock the Heritage, you will need to find all of the game boxes that spawn into the map at Karl’s Bay during the evening. When you arrive, make your way to the massive black building with the deep red “Fathoms of Lament” sign. You’ll have to deal with around 6-7 Eternalists who are patrolling the area, so be sure to kill them first. Once they’re all dead, enter the building and approach the large map with blinking lights on it. If this is your first time visiting this area at night, you should also have your Heritage quest get an update.

Looking at the map, you will see two types of lights: one blink white and others that are solid blue. The blue lights indicate boxes you have already discovered or have been opened by NPCs. Inversely, the blink white lights are the ones you’ll need to hunt down and open. Whether you win a prize or not is irrelevant, however, they need to be interacted with for it to count. If a box detonates via gunfire or outside explosions, you will need to revisit this area in a new loop. What boxes you need to hunt down is completely random, as I’ve run this three times and each playthrough tasked me with hunting down different boxes.

While you can easily find 90% of the boxes, a few of them require you to solve additional puzzles to unlock them. Below is a breakdown of three of the most troublesome game boxes and how to complete them.

Dawn of Reason Box

For this box, you will have three minutes to decypher a door code before the game box inside is destroyed. To do this, you’ll need to look for symbols painted on the walls and furniture that showcase the numbers in the code, along with their position. Unfortunately, the code is different every time you play through this area, so we will be showing you the location of all four paintings. Where they spawn doesn’t change, just what number you need to enter does. I strongly recommend writing down the numbers as you find them so you don’t need to keep running back to double-check.

Code One

This can be found upstairs near the back of the room. Align the bottom half of the painting on the railing, with the top half on the adjacent railing.

Code Two

Deathloop Code Painting 2

When you go up the stairs, turn directly to your right to see the bottom half of the code on the railing and the top half on the wall.

Code Three

Literally, right next to the door code panel, it’s almost impossible to miss this one.

Code Four

To the right of the locked door, you will see an overturned table and a large plant box. The top and bottom half of the code is painted on these.

Alleyway of Death Box

Probably the trickiest box to actually open without detonating anything, this box is between the two main hangers and is absolutely surrounded by explosives. A mix of laser and proximity mines, making it to the box without one of the explosives detonating it is pretty difficult. I recommend starting near the dockside where the Eternalists are hanging out on the plane. In the alleyway of death, there’s a large shipping container you can climb onto. This will give you a great view of where all the proximity mines are. Since these will be the most dangerous ones, you will want to outright avoid them if possible. Setting one of can create a chain reaction, so be extra cautious when moving through this location.

Deathloop Hanger 2 Box

Hanger Two Box

To get to Hanger Two, head towards the right side of the map and climb up onto Hanger One. Break one of the glass skylights and jump down to the top floor. Then use the causeway that’s in the small room to reach Hanger Two. Inside of the hanger, you will need to pull six levers within 30 seconds in the correct order. Every time you activate a lever you will earn an additional 2 seconds to your timer. The catch is there’s deadly gas below, so you will need to be both fast and careful. I strongly recommend the Swift ability for this, as it makes getting around much easier.

When you start, pull the lever right by the box and then jump across to the lever directly adjacent to you. Pull that lever and then go back across to the bottom right catwalk near the destroyed plane cockpit. Use Swift to pull yourself back up to where the first lever was and run past it to the back of the room. Pull the lever along the wall and then shift up onto the catwalk to your top right. Near the corner, you’ll find the fifth lever. Your final lever is in the middle of the room on the plane.

Once the middle lever is pulled, you can go activate the box and claim your reward (or death). If the gas is a concern, you can actually lower it by going to the cockpit of the ruined plane and pulling the lever.

Fathoms of Lamet

Once all of the game boxes have been opened, make your way back to the Fathoms of Lament. Enter the door on the first floor in the back right corner. Similar to Hanger Two, you will need to pull six levers (not including the starting one) in a specific order in under 30 seconds. The catch is there’s a Nullifier Turret nearby that will hamper your abilities. Thankfully, you can destroy this by breaking the boards down to the left of the starting lever and shooting the turret until it explodes.

This one is much easier than the Hanger one, as there are only two levers on the second floor and four on the third. All of which are packed very close to one another, with only a basic laser grid blocking you. But, with the Nullifier Turret down, you can just Shift through all of the laser beams with no problems at all. Remember, when you are pulling the levers look for the glowing red light on the lever box, as that indicates it’s the next one in the sequence. You really shouldn’t need any help with this since they are basically right next to one another and you can just bypass the lasers with Shift.

Once the sixth lever is pulled, return to the lobby of this building to retrieve the Heritage shotgun! Congratulations, you now have the best close-range weapon in the game.

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