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Dead Space Reboot/Remake Officially Announced

Isaac Clarke is back to slice and dice with engineering tools.

At today’s EA Play, we finally got a trailer for the newest entry in the long-thought-retired Dead Space series. The reboot had been rumored for a few months, with the most recent whispers indicating a complete reboot for the series by remaking Isaac Clarke’s incursion into the derelict ship the Ishimura.

That appears to be the case, going off the reveal trailer for the game. The trailer harks back to the 2007 reveal of the first game, using the same haunting version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from the original trailer.

One thing that was made clear is who exactly is developing this game. Visceral, the studio behind the Dead Space titles, was closed by EA in 2017 after cancelling its Star Wars title with Amy Hennig. The heads behind the series left for Call of Duty well before that, which means that original team on the game is more or less not a part of this. That leaves it to EA Motive to pick up the new Dead Space title.

There was no date attached to the trailer, but it’s on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC, so it at least is not a generation away.

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