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Dead by Daylight Dives into the World of K-Pop

The chapter was designed with K-pop industry experts.

In some ways, Dead by Daylight serves as a hall of fame museum for many of the horror genre’s most iconic names. For players looking to purchase their favorite monster, dream-based murderer, or psychological manifestation of grief, the asymmetrical multiplayer game has plenty of options to choose from. For its next DLC antagonist, however, developer Behaviour Interactive is looking at a new arena: K-pop.

As described by IGN, the newest killer to be drawn in by The Fog is named Ji-Woon, a K-Pop singer who eventually gave in to his darkest desires and transformed into a serial killer. The vain Ji-Woon watched his bandmates die in a fire and acquired a taste for death, surreptitiously mixing the screams of his further murder victims into his songs. He was rebranded as a solo act called The Trickster by his unwitting manager Yun-Jin. Once Yun-Jin caught on, Ji-Woon decided to kill her, with both being pulled into The Fog before he could finish her off.

That setup is what brings Ji-Woon and Yun-Jin into Dead by Daylight as the murderer and the survivor respectively. To properly bring the K-pop setting to the game, Behaviour worked with band U-KISS member Kevin Woo and DJ Swivel, a Grammy-winning music producer who has worked with K-pop megastars BTS. The pair were on board to help give the developers all the information they needed on the industry to faithfully portray it in-game.

The new chapter got uploaded to the Public Test Build earlier today and represents an interesting move from Behaviour away from the expensive and hard-to-license movie monsters toward original writing about global communities that might draw in new fans. There might not be a big circle in the middle of the Venn Diagram of K-pop stans, horror fans, and asymmetrical video game players, but it could be bigger than people think.

Dead by Daylight is available on PC, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series S|X, Switch, Stadia, and mobile platforms.

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