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Dead By Daylight Adds Cross Play Across PC and All Consoles

Sorry to mobile players.

If you and your friends are looking to play video game’s horror crossover hub/asymmetrical horror game Dead By Daylight together but have been separated by the boundaries of different platforms, that’s no longer going to be an obstacle, as Behaviour Interactive has announced the game will now support cross play across all systems other than mobile devices.

In an F.A.Q. posted to the game’s forum, Behaviour laid out the way things will play out now that everyone’s playing together, and for the most part, not much is changing on the surface beyond there being shorter queue times as matchmaking has more people to pull from across all devices. A few things of note, however, as PC players will be playing against console users with a mouse and keyboard, which can be considered an advantage when it comes to aiming precision. But Behaviour says it has no plans to implement mouse and keyboard play on console at this time. Should the power imbalance prove to be too much, this might be implemented later, but it’s not in the cards right now.

Despite this, most features across all systems will become ubiquitous, such as reporting players carrying across different platforms, which can be used to report people with offensive usernames regardless of where they’re playing. If you’re matched up against people playing on a different platform than you, you’ll see a logo that indicates this, but it won’t specify whether they’re playing on a PlayStation 4, an Xbox One, a Switch, or a PC.

In other news:

With the addition of cross play comes the inclusion of cross friends, which will allow you to add people to your friends lists based on specific Dead By Daylight IDs, rather than through services like Steam or PlayStation Network. This way you can play with friends more easily regardless of which device they’re using, but there won’t be an in-game chat that extends to console players, so you might have to use external services like Discord voice chat or Skype to communicate with people across different platforms.

One situation where things might get a little messy is that, for each system to be allowed to play together, they’ll have to be on the same patch like any other online game. Since updates seldom get posted at the exact same time across all platforms, if you’re playing on a system that is getting patched later than others, you won’t be able to play with users on other devices until the patch goes live.

If you want to avoid all this, there will be an option to disable cross play, which won’t affect you beyond having longer queue times due to a smaller player base to pull from.

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