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COD Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg Guide - Weapons, Dragon Relic & Story

You don’t have to wait until April for these.

Every time a new season of COD Black Ops Cold War begins there’s bound to be new easter eggs to discover. From undead dances to ethereal monkeys, the Zombie campaign itself already offered a plethora of them. But more secrets and nods to past events can be found during Outbreak Mode as well. In this guide we’ll go over what’s available in the game, and everything we know about the main easter egg so far.

Main Easter Egg – COD Zombies Outbreak

At the moment a main easter egg is yet to be implemented. Outbreak Mode started in late February as part of season two of the battle pass, but we’re yet to see a big secret in place.

Whenever you jump into a Zombie campaign in Black Ops, there’s always a chance to find references to past entries or completely new encounters. Some last for a brief moment and are meant to be funny or even scary. Others are far more complex, like the one present in Cold War, which requires several steps as you unlock weapons and chat with anomalies.

This series of events is considered a Main Easter Egg, and is usually tied to a main quest. Outbreak Mode does not have one. The good news is that developer Treyarch confirmed to YouTuber MrRoflWaffles that players can expect a main quest, along with its own easter egg, in season three. If we consider the usual timeframe based on the first, we may see the new season around May.

But Wait, There’s a Dragon!

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t easter eggs to find in COD Zombies Outbreak. The Dragon Relic from Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies mode has flown back to offer a challenge. During your expeditions, open your map and check if you see a dragon icon somewhere. It won’t always be there, mind you, but it’s an optional task you shouldn’t miss.

Approach the location to find a massive structure. Upon activation, the dragon’s head will emerge from within. Prepare yourself for a wave of enemies coming from the surrounding area, which will march towards the inner circle. Every time you kill a zombie, it will fly towards the dragon’s mouth as a snack. Do this a couple more times and the challenge will end. You’ll be rewarded with a golden chest for your endeavor, too, which can prove useful if you’re on the lookout for a Full Power pickup.

Some Special Weapons Are Back, Too

In addition, there are three Special Weapons to find, called Wonder Weapons. If you have previously played the campaign, these will be familiar: The Ray Gun, D.I.E. Shockwave, and the R.A.I. K-84 can drop from golden chests, Megaton zombies, mystery boxes, and trials.

From all of these options, we found trials to be the most effective. Whenever you see a Trial Computer, make sure to activate it before you continue the mission at hand. A timed-challenge will commence, which can range from defeating enemies while crouched or staying in the air for as long as possible with the parachute. Every time you make progress, the challenge message box on screen is going to flash in red. Eventually, you will see a message saying that there is a reward available, along with its rarity.

The beneficial aspect of trials is that you can continue to increase the rarity of your reward until the timer ends. In addition, you can stack multiple challenges on the same map. We recommend not redeeming your reward until the rarity is set to Legendary. This will greatly increase the chances to obtain one of those weapons.

Lastly, keep in mind that even if you’re in a group, each player has its own reward station. That being said, it is possible for other players to grab your rewards, so make sure to act fast to avoid losing a friendship or two.

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