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Borderlands 3 VIP Guide - SHiFT Codes, VIP Codes

Borderlands 3 is here and with it the chance to be a VIP.

No, not a Very Important Person. A Vault Insider. The P is for Program. If you refer to yourself as a VIP and people want to know what the P stands for, we regret to inform you that you’re out of luck. Maybe tell them the P is silent? But, then again, they just heard you say it or they wouldn’t be asking. Huh.

So, what is the Vault Insider Program (besides the words that form an acronym that will get you into awkward social situations because you insist on using it as a title)? It’s a Borderlands 3 tie-in program, created by 2K and Gearbox Software, to reward players who sign up for it with extra loot for doing Borderlands-related extracurricular activities.

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What Does the Vault Insider Program Earn You?

By signing up for the Vault Insider Program, you’ll earn high rarity shield and grenade mods and a VIP weapon trinket — an exclusive cosmetic item you can attach to your gun — right away. Gearbox and 2K started the program months before Borderlands 3 came out, so signing up will also net you items that can be used in previous Borderlands games. And, if you preordered Borderlands 3, there’s an Early Adopter Pack available, as well.

Joining VIP won’t just earn you rewards when you sign up. You can continue to earn points from then on, and those points can then be redeemed for in-game items. Here’s how that works.

How Do I Join the Vault Insider Program?

First, you’ll need a SHiFT account. SHiFT, like an Epic Games or Bethesda.net account, is a Gearbox account that you can link with your Steam, Epic Games Store, Twitch, PSN, Xbox Live, Google or social media accounts. 

You don’t need to enter any credit card information to sign up for SHiFT. You do need to be 18 years or older and provide an email address and valid password. Once you’ve created this account, you can use it to sign up for the Vault Insider Program here.

How Does the Vault Insider Program Work?

Like most loyalty programs, the Vault Insider Program exists as an incentive to give 2K your information and to give Borderlands 3 online attention. If you’re okay with that, you can get some nice in-game rewards.

Once you sign up, linking your SHiFT account to your Twitch account, for example, will earn you 750 points. If you, then, created a 2K account and linked it to your SHiFT account, you would earn another 750 points. Together, that would give you 1500 points, enough to purchase a gold key for Borderlands, Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, enabling you to open one of the special chests Gearbox has retroactively added to their older games.

In short, many AAA publishers want players to opt in to using their branded online accounts. By creating the Vault Insider Program, 2K and Gearbox are giving players an in-game incentive to sign up for their particular branded online accounts. Additionally, the Vault Insider Program rewards players for doing things like watching the Borderlands 3 announce trailer (250 points) or visiting the Borderlands 3 Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages (100 points each, once a week). Effectively, the Vault Insider Program incentivizes players to give Borderlands 3’s online presences traffic with immediate in-game rewards.

Known Borderlands 3 VIP Program Codes

But in addition to completing tasks to get points, you can enter certain promotional codes to get free stuff. To redeem SHiFT codes, you can either use the option in the main menu of the game or the SHiFT site. For VIP codes, you have to use the VIP section of the SHiFT code site. Is it confusing? Sure. In any case, here’s all of the SHiFT and VIP codes we’re aware of that currently work in Borderlands 3. We’ll update this list as new codes are added — for now, these definitely work at launch. Since they were tied to various events and promotions, some of them may be voided over time, so if any don’t work for you, please let us know.

SHiFT Codes

  • ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H – Gives three gold keys (must be inputted through the SHiFT code site)

VIP Codes

1000 Borderlands VIP Point Codes:

  • Unblinkingeye

500 Borderlands VIP Point Codes:

  • 2kLove

300 Borderlands VIP Point Codes:


250 Borderlands VIP Point Codes:

  • BL3ATE3
  • Dasherz

200 Borderlands VIP Point Codes:

  • bonjwa-bl3launch

100 Borderlands VIP Point Codes:

  • Bolvip
  • Dreamlandvip

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