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Borderlands 3's First Story DLC Lets You Wreck Handsome Jack's Casino

In the first major DLC campaign, Moxxi asks you to help her take over her ex-husband's casino — a concept stolen from Moxxi herself.

After the most recent Halloween event, Borderlands 3 is continuing their rollout of new content. This time, the Season Pass holders will be getting their first DLC treat, with their first new campaign content. “Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot” is arriving in mid-December, and it looks like a dazzling time for fans of Moxxi and Handsome Jack.

Moxxi is getting ready to lead a charge into Handsome Jack’s boat-based casino. Specifically, she states that it’s “personal” — all of these were her design, and she wants to take it all back. In the reveal interview, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed that Moxxi was married to Handsome Jack at some point, and that the casino was entirely her idea. Now that Handsome Jack is dead, she’s ready to take down the giant and extravagant “Handsome Jack’s Handsome Jackpot.”

Of course, it’s Borderlands, so there’s gonna be loot. And in the Handsome Jackpot DLC, there’ll be a ton of exclusive loot to grab (pay-to-get?). The reveal showed just a few of the Legendary weapons — Expansive Scathing Ion Cannon, a rocket launcher with fire damage; Oozing Gratifying Craps, a pistol with corrosive damage; and Adept Trained Boomer, an SMG with fire damage. There’ll also be some cosmetic loot to pick up.

borderlands 3 handsome jackpot dlc screenshot

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And to get to these, there’ll be plenty of new enemies types, though they only revealed a few during the premiere video. Handsome Jack, for instance, has some new security bots for you to tackle. They’ll be present on all levels of the casino, from the slots down to a strange underground trash society.

If you’ve picked up the DLC and have made it onto the Sanctuary 3 ship in your save file, then you’re set to make the trip to the Handsome Jackpot. Pitchford shared that the area will scale with your level. If you want it to be “endgame,” it’ll give you the challenge. Want to give it a try because you’re that eager to use your paid content? You can jump right in early on, too.

While they admitted it’ll be about seven hours of content, they didn’t reveal too much for now. However, it seems like pretty relatively straightforward content. They’ve hinted at new characters and more new lore, too, so hopefully long-time fans get something they wanted.

If you’re unsure about Borderlands 3 still, the game is free to play on consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) this weekend, from November 21 to 24.

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