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Blizzard Entertainment Is Hiring for an Unannounced AAA Multiplayer Game

A small team will begin development on what seems to be an open-world online action game.

Blizzard Entertainment has begun the hiring process for a team that will be working on an unannounced AAA multiplayer game for PC and consoles.

There are currently 16 roles with open applications, as posted on Twitter by Dan John Cox, a Senior Artist at Blizzard. The job announcement pages point to a modern AAA multiplayer title that requires developers with extensive experience in developing “action, FPS, and online titles.” It will aim to have “spawning encounters, world events, and environmental storytelling.”

It is also seemingly planned to be an open-world game. An ideal Lead Content Designer, for instance, will have proven experience with “designing and scripting open world or emergent gameplay.” A Level Designer for the project will have experience in building “immersive, explorable environments” that will become “memorable worlds.” Compared to the stylish cities you see in Overwatch, this game will probably contain plenty of “trees, architecture, foliage, and highly creative unique points of interest” that will “define the visual direction of the game.” There will be creatures who will serve to “create convincing ambient behavior and interesting combat encounters.”

Ultimately, it will nonetheless incorporate Blizzard’s core value of “Gameplay First.” The goal is to create “unique play spaces and captivating environments that players love spending time in.” Its team, at least right now, is described as “small yet ambitious,” desiring developers who know how to thrive through collaboration.

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While these job listings don’t serve as any confirmation, they point to what Blizzard may have in mind for this mysterious new project. It was not discussed in any way at the recent Blizzcon 2021, so who knows when Blizzard will choose to reveal it. As of late, it seems the company is preferring to hold back from setting expectations too high when it comes to information on upcoming games — especially considering COVID-19 complications.

For example, Overwatch 2 has been confirmed as a title that won’t be launching in 2021. At the same time, as far as we know, 2021 seems poised to be a big year for information on the game. Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch and Overwatch 2, said the team is planning on being more communicative about the anticipated Overwatch sequel soon.

“We were discussing as recently as yesterday the opportunity of there maybe being some cool stuff we could talk about in March or April to keep people updated and to keep people going,” said Kaplan in February. “So it’s very front-and-center in our mind to communicate more.”

For large game development studios like Blizzard Entertainment, it’s always recommended to check sites like Glassdoor for reviews, salary information, and more from former and present employees before applying. Our own Jordan Mallory, a former Blizzard employee, had many things to say to Activision Blizzard’s leadership following the horrific simultaneous layoffs of over 800 workers in 2019.

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