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Battlefield 5: How to Earn Company Coins

Want to purchase more cosmetics in Battlefield 5? You’ll need in-game cash to spend on those various goodies. Battlefield 5‘s microtransaction currency is known as Company Coins, and you can purchase them with real-world cash or through regular play.

While some players may opt to buy Company Coins outright, you can earn them quite easily simply by participating in various modes—the same modes you’re probably playing anyway. If you just want to earn premium currency, rather than spend real cash, we can help. Here’s how you can stock up on Company Coins without busting out your wallet.

How to get Company Coins in Battlefield 5

Most Company Coins (besides the ones you buy) are tied to challenges in-game. So, with enough effort, you’ll be rolling in the dough in no time. Here are a few different ways to go about it so you can earn cash quickly.

Complete Assignments

One of the easiest way to earn Company Coins is by completing Assignments. Head into the Battlefield 5 main menu to sift through Daily Orders and Special Assignments. These sections show what’s on offer on a regular basis. Special Assignments are available to every class, and if you complete all of the class-specific activities available, you’ll get a hefty sum of 200 Company Coins apiece for your trouble. Not too shabby, and not bad for earning the premium currency for free, since it’ll stack up at a nice clip.

Special Assignments aren’t completely random, either. You have four assignment slots to fill at a time, each day. You can browse the list to see which ones you want to tackle and go from there. They require a fair amount of work compared to Daily Orders, but the reward for putting in the time is well worth it. Simply staying on top of completing your Assignments will ensure you have plenty of cash to spend.

Battlefield Company Coins

Complete Daily Orders

At the same time, you can complete Daily Orders. They net you 100 Company Coins apiece and you can complete up to three of them every 24 hours. That means a possible 300 Company Coins each day simply for completing some very rudimentary tasks. You may need to build X number of fortifications, kill X enemies with a specific weapon, or any number of things to take home some pretty serious coinage.

Level Up

Additionally, you can earn Company Coins just by leveling up. That’s right! All you need to do is play the game like you normally would without any special goals in mind. Earn XP by getting kills, reviving teammates, completing objectives, offering assists, and the many other normal things you’d do in a round of Battlefield 5. The just watch the money roll in. Each time you rank up you can earn 500 Company Coins, which is nothing to sneeze at.

What can you use Company Coins in Battlefield 5 for?

There’s a wide variety of items you can purchase with your Company Coins, most of which are goods that you can outfit your soldier and Company with. New weapon skins, outfits, and more are available to you via the game’s Armory.

All of the upgrades you can purchase here with Company Coins are cosmetic. That means they won’t give you any sort of advantage in-game, but you will be able to customize your soldiers and weapons to your liking. There’s no real reason to spend real-world cash when it’s so simple to earn through actions you’d take anyway. Happy shopping!

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