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A Comprehensive List of Words to Mute to Avoid The Last of Us: Part II Spoilers

From character names to corporate scandals.

If you were lucky enough to have not heard before reading this, a fair bit of footage and spoilers for The Last of Us: Part II has leaked early, and given that the game has been delayed with no new release date in sight, that means it’s time to panic. Or, instead of panicking, you can use the power of muting words and phrases, whether that be natively on something like Twitter, or through a browser extension that will mute these words across all of the internet. To give you a headstart on the muting process, we’ve compiled a list of a fair bit of these words, including character names, company names, individuals who worked on the game, and other associated topics.

Got your Twitter muted keywords tab open? Alright then, let’s get to it.

  1. The Last of Us
  2. The Last of Us: Part II
  3. The Last of Us Part II
  4. The Last of Us Part 2
  5. The Last of Us II
  6. The Last of Us 2
  7. The Last Us: Part II spoilers
  8. The Last of Us Part II spoilers
  9. The Last of Us spoilers
  10. The Last of Us Part 2 spoilers
  11. The Last of Us II spoilers
  12. The Last of Us 2 spoilers
  13. tlou
  14. tlou2
  15. tloupartii
  16. loupartii
  17. lou2
  18. lastofus
  19. lastofuspartii
  20. thelastofus
  21. thelastofus2
  22. thelastofuspart2
  23. tlou2spoilers
  24. tloupartiispoilers
  25. thelastofuspartiispoilers
  26. thelastofus2spoilers
  27. thelastofusspoilers
  28. tlouspoilers
  29. Naughty Dog
  30. ND
  31. Naughty Gods
  32. Neil Druckmann
  33. Crunch
  34. Poor working conditions
  35. Unionizing
  36. Workplace abuse cover up
  37. Covering up workplace abuse
  38. Sony
  39. PlayStation
  40. PlayStation 4
  41. PlayStation 5
  42. PS4
  43. PS5
  44. DualSense
  45. God of War
  46. GOW
  47. Ghost of Tsushima
  48. Ellie
  49. Joel
  50. Ellie and Joel
  51. Joel and Ellie
  52. Joel and also Ellie
  53. Ellie and also Joel
  54. Dina
  55. Bury your gays
  56. Clickers
  57. Runners
  58. Stalkers
  59. Bloaters
  60. Shamblers
  61. The infected
  62. Shiv
  63. Brick
  64. Stealth
  65. Listen mode
  66. Ashley Johnson
  67. Troy Baker
  68. Nolan North
  69. Shannon Woodward
  70. Cascina Caradonna
  71. COVID-19
  72. Coronavirus
  73. Video game delays
  74. Delayed video games
  75. 2020 can’t get any worse, I’m sure

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Generally, The Last of Us: Part II has been having a rough go of it in 2020, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic disrupting its plans not once, but twice. The game was originally meant to make a public appearance at this year’s PAX East in Boston before Sony pulled its presence from the event due to concerns about the virus and putting its employees in an enclosed space with hundreds of people at at time. Weeks later, Sony and Naughty Dog announced the game wouldn’t be making its May release date, and is now delayed indefinitely until shipping and distribution channels are back in place. As of this writing, the game has no new release date or even a window, and has since been delisted from the PlayStation Network store.

Beyond delays, the coronavirus pandemic has been affecting nearly every other facet of the industry, as well, from the cancellation of major industry events like E3, developers shifting over to a work-from-home setup that is both keeping employees safe while also presenting new challenges in development, and it’s even complicated the process of buying video games as people in rural areas have almost no choice but break quarantine and brave the outside world if they want to play the current hotness.

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