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7 Games to Check Out in the Devolver Digital Sale

Devolver Digital’s got a huge sale on Steam right now — it runs until the 16th, and a ton of their titles are marked down. If you’re looking to pick something up, here are some games you should consider. Some of these made huge splashes when they were released, while others are smaller titles I’ve enjoyed over the past few years.

gato roboto goty

1. Gato Roboto

$3.99, down from $7.99

“I tore through Gato Roboto in just a couple of hours — I know this because the game tracks and displays your time onscreen. It’s a short, simple game, and what you see is what you get. There are no genre-bending twists, no deep secrets to discover. You are a cat piloting a robot suit, making your way through different areas and acquiring upgrades which then allow you to access other areas.” – me

sludge life frog dude

2. Sludge Life

$7.49, down from 14.99

“Dreaming big on a ramshackle island in an endless sludge sea. Ultra-cool aesthetics that don’t stand in for substance. Leaving your mark on a sputtering, choking world. Sludge Life is one of the very few reasons I used the Epic Store at all this year.” – me (It’s on Steam now!)


3. Witcheye

$1.99, down from $4.99

Witcheye is a cute side-scrolling game where you control the direction of a constantly-flying eyeball. It’s a fun twist on the typical 2D platformer, and it looks gorgeous to boot. Feels like a lost SNES game that would have had mouse support.

Death's Door

4. Death’s Door

$11.99, down from $19.99

Death’s Door‘s isometric action has shades of Hades, but it tailors its own identity through stylized characters and its impassioned symphony of a soundtrack. You have to test your strength by chaining hits and rolls together with magic and bombs; fights get grievous halfway through your journey, and if you aren’t prepared you will quickly perish. Death’s Door‘s final moments deliver some genuine closure, and they have me sitting in anticipation for Acid Nerve’s next title.” – Fūnk-é Joseph


5. Inscryption

$13.99, down from $19.99

Inscryption is very well-executed. It’s not just an interesting wrapper for an ARG played out over Discord and Reddit; it’s a damn fine deckbuilding roguelike in a year choked with deckbuilding roguelikes (see above). Its fourth wall breaking allows it to add an extra layer of “breaking” the game that most in the genre simply won’t allow. Half my fun, in fact, was in finding ways to tear apart any veneer of balance Inscryption laid out. All of which ends in a pretty touching, visually impressive finale. Inscryption is made from many parts but doesn’t just rely on being better than their sum. It makes sure each piece is worth the ride.” – Steven Strom

Boomerang X

6. Boomerang X

$9.99, down from $19.99

A first-person… thrower? Boomerang X places you in a range of imaginative arenas and tasks you with clearing out a number of enemies to move ahead. What starts as a simple exercise in managing distances and hitting bugs with your boomerang quickly becomes a Doom Eternal-like acrobatic routine that involves juggling ability cooldowns and activation triggers. A distinctive style and hints of a narrative enhance the experience, but Boomerang X is really all about the joy of movement and the exhilaration of chaining together a ton of dashes and throws like an anime badass.

Loop Hero

7. Loop Hero

$4.94, down from $14.99

“I am definitely too fidgety and impatient for the typical idle game. Loop Hero, however, manages to paper over all of my own hang-ups about the genre with RPG and base-building elements that require you to manage equipment and strategically place scenery while your protagonist adventures in an endless loop. The result is a more active layer of decision-making that turns into an onslaught of my favorite video game conundrums: choices that must be made on the fly, as you hastily and desperately try to wriggle out of the ways you may have inadvertently doomed yourself to a restart.” – Steven Nguyen Scaife

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