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SNK Hits Up EVO 2022 With Fatal Fury Reveal, KOF XV DLC Plans

There's a Fatal Fury sequel on the way, and SNK has plans for KOF XV into 2023.

It’s the last day of Evo 2022, and SNK is sending the show off with a few surprises. During its main stage spotlight, the publisher revealed a new Fatal Fury is in the works after a 22-year absence. Plus, King of Fighters XV will see a trio of DLC characters added tomorrow.

While the crowd knew KOF XV surprises were on the way, another Fatal Fury (Garou) title was a genuine shock. SNK had no real details outside of a “sequel has been green-lit,” but for a series laid dormant for over two decades, that’s perhaps enough to celebrate. For now, all we get is this trailer with a few teaser lines and key artwork with Rock Howard. I graciously accept the art, though. Look at this guy:

SNK announced a new Fatal Fury Garou game at EVO 2022.

Anyway, not to be forgotten, King of Fighters XV saw several DLC roster additions and plans laid out through 2023. There’s no exact date yet, but this fall, KOF XV brings Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darli Dagger to the brawl as Team Samurai. In addition, the DLC trio SNK announced previously, Team Awakened Orochi, launches tomorrow, August 8. That group includes Orochi Shermie, Yashiro, and Chris.

As for the distant King of Fighters XV future roster, SNK says its next season begins in 2023. Among the additions are Shingo Yabuki and Kim Kaphwhan, with more character reveals planned for later.

King of Fighters XV ( KOF XV ) Season 4 update includes a Fatal Fury character.

Today’s DLC line-up announcements for KOF XV brings its roster to 54 total playable fighters, but SNK’s EVO news included other beats revealed over the weekend. During the team’s day one panel, SNK announced a cross-platform update for the game’s 2023 roadmap. So sometime next season, you should be able to throwdown with other players across PlayStation platforms, Xbox Series X/S, Windows, Steam, and Epic.

We’re in the home stretch of EVO 2022 ⁠— the show’s first in-person event since Sony scooped it up in 2021. So far, the fighting game community saw updates announced for rollback netcode improvements coming to both DBFZ and Persona 4 Arena. Guilty Gear Strive also laid out its tentative roadmap, while Sony stopped to clarify that, actually, it may think NFTs are a good idea.

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