Your Old Face Code May Not Work Perfectly in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

But it's close enough to tinker with.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a chance for a whole new generation of players to experience Bioware’s science fiction trilogy, but it’s also an opportunity for old fans to re-experience them on modern consoles. That means some might be looking to bring their version of Commander Shepard into the collection, and that means using face codes from the original trilogy.

For those not in the know, face codes were a long series of numbers and letters that allowed you to import your character’s custom face to other save files, systems, or share them with friends. But Legendary Edition’s character creator has some new options. As such, Bioware has already said it tried to make the remaster’s code import system as close as possible, but admitted there might be some inconsistencies you may have to edit with the character creator. Turns out, it’s pretty damn close. But there’s some notable issues.

Take my version of Commander Shepard, who you’ll see at the top of this screen. That’s about what he looked like during my playthrough of the trilogy on Xbox 360. But to get there, I had to make some changes to make him look just right. As this is what came out of the character creator after I put the same code I used during the original trilogy:

The skin tone is off, as well as the hair and eye color. But the actual facial structure is pretty much intact. So the best I can tell you now is that face codes mostly work. But you’ll likely have to make some changes to completely recreate your old Shepard.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One tomorrow, May 15. Be on the lookout for Fanbyte’s future coverage, including a review podcast and written review in the coming days.