Yakuza: Like a Dragon Substories Guide – Locations, Requested Items & Personality Answers

Discover the stories that the city leaves behind

Ichiban’s story isn’t the only one in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. As you roam the streets of Yokohama you will encounter people in trouble and many absurd situations where you can step in and save the day. There’s a total of 52 substories across all 15 chapters of the game, and this guide covers where to find them, how to complete them, and the rewards for each.

Substories List – Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Note: This list is in progress! We’re adding substories as we encounter them!

1 – A Can-Do Attitude: The first Substory is unlocked just by progression through the main storyline in Chapter 3. Completing this substory will unlock the Can Quest minigame.

2 – Who’s That Sujimon?!: This substory takes place in Chapter 4. Once you’ve visited Hello Work again, you’ll be sent towards another direction to the east. As you are heading there a peculiar character will appear, triggering a battle. This will then lead you to learn about the Sujimon, unlocking the encyclopedia on your phone with the Sujidex app.

In a very familiar way to another known franchise, you will then have the choice to pick between Red, Blue, or Green. Regardless of your pick, all three will be added to your Sujidex after the battle. Finish the last cutscene and the substory will end, unlocking this new feature as a reward.

3 – A Golden Opportunity: Located in the Commercial District during Chapter 3, just at the end of S Sakura River St. Head there to meet a police officer talking to a woman about a problem with the river – just press the button prompt “Look” to activate it. Wander around the town enough for the blue icon to appear, return, and a multiple choice question will appear: pick the second person from the right. The reward for this substory is a Binding, an accessory item that increases HP by 20.

4 – One Man’s Trash: Located in the Commercial District during Chapter 3, just as you’re passing by Misake St., right outside a shop. You will see a massive pile of garbage, and a woman will tell you more about it. Wander around for a bit until the blue icon appears, and return to find two characters in an argument.

Agree to cooperate Kondo and, as the conversation progresses, you’ll be given three options:

  • “I’ll help clean, too” grants Kindness
  • “How much you want for all of it?” grants Passion
  • “Your wife’s probably turning in her grave” grants Confidence

The reward for this substory is a Flame Amulet, an accessory item that adds 10% of Fire resistance. It also unlocks the Pawn Shop in the Commercial District.

5 – A Trip to Pound Town: This substory can be found in Ohama St. during Chapter 4, right as you’re returning to Otohime Land. Once you arrive at the street it will play out automatically when Ichiban is handed a flyer. This is a rather straightforward mission – you only have to see the cutscenes, summon your new Poundmate, and it will end shortly afterwards, unlocking this new feature.

6 – It’s the Thought that Counts: Located in the Commercial District during Chapter 4, right after Ichiban’s big revelation once you’re back on free roam mode. Head towards S Sakura River St. to find an old man talking to a kid, listen to them and a cutscene will play out. Then, hand over the handkerchief to the old man.

Then, head to E Central St. and talk to him again. A multiple choice question will appear with the following options:

  • “Latest Game Console” grants Style
  • “Handmade Goods” Kindness
  • “Me” grants Charisma

It’s worth mentioning that “Handmade Goods” is the correct answer, but you can choose either the first or the third as well, and then pick again. That being said, you won’t obtain bonuses if you pick them all – only with your first choice.

From here, you will have to obtain wood and nails. Of course, you might think of hitting the nearest Poppo for them, but they are actually objectives. The first will take you to the Bar District, where you better prepare beforehand as there’s a fight waiting for you. The other is near the southern end of Central St. – expect yet another enemy encounter here. Finish them off and reunite Jinnai to hand the materials over.

There’s yet another step to follow. Once the conversation is over, head over to E. Central St. for another brief cutscene. You’ll have to return to the previous location for a last visit afterwards. Prepare yourself for another fight (which is arguably easier than the ones before) and the substory will soon be over. You’ll be rewarded with a Sacrifice Stone for all the trouble, which will revive the bearer (although it will break after use.)

7 – Baby Don’t Cry: This substory can be found in Ohama St. during Chapter 4, right as you’re returning to Otohime Land. For us, it was available right after A Trip to Pound Town. You’ll see a yakuza threatening a civilian who’s holding baby formula, which will then lead to a fight if you agree to help him. Shortly after he will tell you what’s on his mind, and Ichiban will have three answers available to choose from:

  • “How about getting some rest?”
  • “Have a heart-to-heart with your wife”
  • “Divorce her”

The correct answer is “It’s a long story”, and picking it first will grant you Personality points towards Kindness. You’ll hear some alarming sounds coming from the childcare, and the father will task you with collecting hot water. Just head towards Pocket Cafe, talk to the cashier, and make your return.

Once inside, well, you’ll be greeted with a peculiar fight. Defeat the mob and, just before you leave, you’ll be given a choice:

  • “Drink the Milk” grants Passion
  • “Turn Down the Milk” grants Kindness

Regardless of your choice, the substory will end soon after. Your reward for the horrors you have just witnessed is unlocking the Patriarch Gondawara as a new Poundmate.

8 – Old Cinema Paradiso: This is a rather straightforward substory. Head over to E Tsurukame Highway and walk just a bit north to notice these two guys at the entrance of the cinema. After a brief cutscene you’ll be given the option to watch a movie – keep in mind that the event will play out after you confirm the invite, although it doesn’t take too long. Take part of the mini game and you’ll be rewarded with points towards Passion, as well as unlocking the minigame for future visits.

9 – Persimmon Premonition: Located in the Bar District during Chapter 4. This substory becomes available after finishing Baby Don’t Cry, and can be found in the empty park right between the Karaoke bar and Hustle Boutique. A cutscene will play as you arrive – there’s not much you can do here except for listen to the story setting in.

Once time passes, the blue icon will appear on the same spot. Go ahead and talk to the father, who’s name is Shibuya. Repeat this once more (if you want to gain some time, just look for the nearest group of mobs, the icon will appear right after the fight). A character will be practicing with the tree, and you’ll have to stop him. Once you’re done, the patrol continues.

In order for this blue icon to appear again, you’re gonna have to do a handful of fights instead of just one. We got it just by doing this and getting a fair distance away from the district, and it appeared in a matter of minutes.

Yet another person is bothering the poor persimmon. Go ahead and teach them a lesson, and then return to patrol. For this, we went inside Hustle Boutique and purchased a couple items. Once we returned to the street, the blue icon was on the map already, and another fight took place.

You’ll have to repeat this one more time. Again, either go on fights or just purchase another item in Hustle Boutique. Head back to the icon, watch the cutscene, and enjoy the addition of Tosanoyama to your Poundmates’ catalogue.

10 – Fast Times at Ounabara: Located in Chapter 4 right after visiting the welfare during the main mission. You’ll be in a new part of the city once that’s over – head all the way down to ? and the substory will trigger itself.

A multiple choice question will appear:

  • “I’ll reply with limited English”
  • “I’ll make something up”
  • “I’m not interested!”

Unlike other substories, it doesn’t matter which one you choose as they won’t impact your Personality traits. That being said, this substory will open up a new feature that improves just that, so it’s a fair trade.

Once you start the free lesson, you’ll have to answer at least 3 of the 5 exam questions correctly. The answers are:

  • First question: Drifting
  • Second question: 3
  • Third question: Pins
  • Fourth question: Cross Country
  • Fifth question: Handling

Passing the text will reward you with 30 points for both Passion and Charisma, as well as unlocking many others for you to tackle as you see fit.

11 – Certified Underdogs: This substory becomes available when you pass all of the tests in the Ounabara Vocational School and you have unlocked Management mode. You’ll find Ikari just around the block, and it will lead to a series of cutscenes. Naturally, you’ll end up in a fight, this time against two level 17 enemies.

After the fight is over, Ikari will give you the Tranquil Tenugui, and become available as a hirable candidate for Ichiban Confections.

12 – How to be a Part-time Hero: This substory becomes available just by following the main quests in Chapter 5. At one point you’ll have to go to Ijin Street, which will greet you with a man in trouble. Get rid of those hooligans and a peculiar character will show up, who won’t hesitate to fight you.

After a brief explanation about the misunderstanding, Hiro will tell you all about Part-Time Hero. This new feature will become available, and Hiro will be added to your Sujidex as well.

13 – Nowhere to Go but Up: This substory becomes available just by following the main quests in Chapter 5. At one point Saeko will momentarily part ways with the party, and Adachi will mention a workshop where the group can improve their weapons.

Just follow the main mission marker to the location, and the substory will soon begin. There’s nothing much to do here for now – just watch the cutscenes and enjoy your newly improved weapon. The workshop will become available for use afterwards – use Ichiban’s smartphone to check on available recipes and the materials you’ll need to craft them.

15 – Ijincho’s Safety Net: This substory becomes available just by following the main quests in Chapter 5. After you talk to the woman outside of Otohime land, the coming cutscene will trigger it.

After it’s over, you’ll follow Eri to her office, where the Management minigame of Yakuza: Like a Dragon will come into play. It’s rather straightforward from here – you only have to follow the tutorials along until you make a profit. There’s also two instances where you have to manually talk to Eri in order to progress, just in case you want to save your game or do anything else.

As well as the minigame becoming available, you will also unlock Omelette for your Poundmates’ catalogue.

16 – The Crawfish Caper: Located in Sunrise Bridge during Chapter 5. As you’re crossing the bridge look at the ground for a glowing item, and the substory will start after the cutscene. Head to the new pointer in the map and after a brief moment you’ll be set in first person mode. There’s a lot of crabs in the channel, but you can find Nancy on your right – just look right at the side of the stairs, close to the thrash. You can tell it is the correct crab thanks to the X on its back.

Now take it back to the owner and shortly afterwards you’ll be presented with a multiple choice question:

  • “Wait a minute!”
  • “Wait a minute!”
  • “Wait a minute!”

Feel free to pick whichever you prefer (not that there’s much of a choice), as all three options will grant you Kindness.

From here, you’ll have to go and search for a Premium Sushi Set. The first reasonable stop would be the Poppo just across the street, but this item is found in Jinai Station’s Poppo. Luckily it is not a long distance – keep in mind that you will need 2,000 yen for it, although it shouldn’t be a problem.

Hand the sushi set to the man and the mission will be over, unlocking the Nancy-chan Poundmate for your collection.

17 – A Love Worth Fighting For: Located in Tsurukame Bridge during Chapter 5. Go around the homeless shelter facing the street, and look for the small corner where a woman is cooking soup on the street. Talk to her and prepare for a short fight. An unexpected conversation will play out afterwards, and you’ll be back on free roam.

You can continue doing other activities or just look for the nearest group of enemies to pass the time. Return to the previous location and talk to Kuroi. After a brief convo, go ahead and speak to Shirakawa. Report back to Kuroi with your intel and another conversation will unfold.

Now, just leave the area for a couple steps and the blue icon should reappear on its own. You’ll have to answer a multiple choice question:

  • “Clothes”
  • “Face”
  • “Shirakawa”

The correct answer is “Clothes” and picking it first will grant you Personality points towards Style. After a brief dialogue, you’ll have to go to Jinnai Station to find Kuroi once more. You won’t be interrupting him, so return to the park to ask him how it went.

If you started doing this substory on the first day of Chapter 5, then you’re gonna have to advance the story until the next in order for the next step to appear. After a brief chat, there will be another multiple choice question:

  • “The Hotel”
  • “The House”
  • “The Theater”

The correct answer is “The Theater” and picking it first will grant you more Personality points towards Style. If you’re still doing this substory as soon as it becomes available, you’ll have to advance with the main story again until it’s nighttime. Once the icon becomes available, just head to the Seagull Cinema for a short cutscene. After the fight is over, Kiyoe Shirakawa will be added to your Poundmates catalogue.

18 – Home Run Heroism: Located in the Bar District during Chapter 5, right before your second trip on the train. A shot cutscene will play and you’ll be given a Photo of Anzai to look for him. We’re off to Hazamake Street.

This is a short sequence – you can expect a fight when you arrive, but it shouldn’t be a problem with your current level. Once you have finished them off, it’s time to report back to Hanayama. A brief conversation will follow, as well as the appearance of a new character – go ahead and meet him at the Rose Blossom when you’re ready.

A rather tough fight will follow here, so take your time to resupply if you need to before talking to Kudo. Once the encounter is over, you will receive an Old Fountain Pen. All that’s left is for you to return and tell the good news. As a reward, Hanayama will apply to Ichiban Confections as a hirable candidate.

19 – Bubble, Bubble Toil and Trouble: Located in Romance St. as soon as you start Chapter 5. Just go close enough to the alleyway on the east side to trigger this. A man in trouble will ask for aid, and you’ll have to escort him towards a clothing store. It’s a rather straightforward path – once you’re on the avenue, just stick to the left side in both streets, get to the other side and go across to find the shop.

A conversation will take place shortly afterwards, including a multiple choice question:

  • “He’s on his way out of a soapland”
  • “He’s just a pervert”
  • “It’s a long story”

The correct answer is “It’s a long story”, and picking it first will grant you Personality points towards Passion. The conversation will soon be over, but the substory has one final step. Return to the initial spot to find Awano, and talk to him. You’ll be rewarded with a Mysterious Blush and a brief cutscene to wrap up the substory.

20 – Table for One: This substory becomes available in Chapter 7. If you’re passing through Wette Kitchen in Isezaki Road, make sure to go inside and upstairs to find a boy eating by himself close to the windows. A delinquent will quickly appear, which you will have to fight outside, and you will soon reunite with the kid.

After you let some time pass, Noboru will be seen outside Wette Chicken. Talk to him to continue the story with a short cutscene, and then prepare to go to the Bar District. Noboru’s mom will purchase the gift, but a thief will try to snatch it up. Fight him to receive the Maximum Mittens as a reward.

There’s one final stop to do. Return to Wette Chicken for a brief cutscene, and shortly afterwards Noboru will become available as a hirable candidate for Ichiban Confections.

21 – Dumpster of Demise: This substory appears during Chapter 7. It will start automatically when you walk around the southern end of Central Street, heading towards Romance Street. There’s a dead-end that’s shaped as a rectangle in the map – a man will appear trapped in a massive pile of trash, and you’ll have to check-in on him again. If leaving the area doesn’t make the blue icon appear, just do a quick fight and it should be there once you’re over.

A multiple choice question will appear:

  • “Shiny Black Object” grants a Nameless Katana
  • “Dull Metal Object” grants a Rusted Chainmail
  • “Creepy Object” grants a Rime Amulet
  • “Decline” grants points towards Intellect

Leave the area once more and return to the blue icon. The next find from Shige-san isn’t quite as cheery, and will lead to a (fairly simple) fight. He will grant you an Intimidation Manual (item that increases your job rank as a Bodyguard by 1) and also apply as a hirable candidate for Ichiban Confections.

22 – An Act of Kindness: This substory appears during Chapter 7. As you’re walking across East Jinnai Station you’ll find a kid collecting donations. Choose to support her to begin with it.

You can choose how much to give to her:

  • “10,000 yen”
  • “1,000 yen”
  • “100 yen”

Feel free to pick whichever, they won’t impact on any Personality trait (but might leave you with guilt if you’re carrying millions of yen and don’t choose the first option).Then, you’ll have to help Megumi find a better spot. You can choose between:

  • “Near the Ladies”
  • “Near the Street Performer”
  • “Near the Popular Eatery”

The third option is the correct one, and you will also gain points toward Intellect for choosing it first. After some time passes, you will see Megumi in the same spot, but she’s having a rough time trying to get people to donate. You can help by shouting one of the following:

  • “Hold up!”
  • “Listen up!” grants Confidence
  • “Yo, a UFO!” grants Charisma

All of the three options work, but you can pick between the second and the third for a nice bonus towards Confidence or Charisma, respectively. From there, you’re gonna have to pay Lin Lin Hostess Bar a visit – you’ll see two NPCs talking to each other in Ijin Alley’s corner.

After beating down the scammers, check back on Megumi. A happy ending will occur, and she will give you the Pearl Earrings accessory.

23 – Warmest Wishes: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. Head just outside Akaushimaru in Isezaki Road to find Megumi again. It seems like she’s in need of some help, so after a brief cutscene, you’ll have to let time pass until the icon appears again. As usual, just going on a fight or two can help.

Megumi will mention a suspicious behavior from her father, so take Ichiban to the new location in the map, just in the middle of Central St. A short cutscene will play followed by a fairly easy fight. After a quick chat with Megumi’s dad, a new request will appear: you’ll have to collect 1 million yen, take a taxi and deliver them to Central Hospital. After the donation, head over to Akaushimaru in Isezaki Road again to finish the mission and unlock Megumi as a poundmate.

24 – Fifty Shades of Play: This substory becomes available in Chapter 7, and can be found just around the corner of Ohama St. where you will see a woman being cornered by an angry group of people. Intervene with a quick chat to begin.

The next step will take you to the eastern end of E Central St. which is next from your current location. After quite a peculiar chat, head towards Fukutoku Park to find the man from the club again. Ichiban will try and remember his name:

  • Mr. Sadist
  • Mr. Masochist
  • Mr. Fetish

The correct answer is “Mr. Masochist”, and you’ll obtain points for your Intellect stat by choosing it first. Briefly after, Mr. Masochist will present a request for Ichiban, to which you can choose from the following two:

  • “Sure, I’ll punch you”
  • “I don’t think I can punch you”

Pick the first unless you want to leave the substory on hold and do something else. A fight will be triggered, but not much will happen. The next step will take you to the Poppo located on Tsurukame Highway. You will find the woman from before working there, and discover an interesting revelation.

Go ahead and speak to Mr. Masochist’s mother. She will have an earnest talk with her son, but that won’t do either. Leave him be by exiting through the right side, just opposite to the main street and towards the alleyway to trigger another cutscene, as well as a fight afterwards.

Your reward for this will be an Ecstasy Rope, as well as the addition of Mr. Masochist to your Poundmates collection.

25 – A Fading Star: This substory becomes available in Chapter 7. Go to Eomeoni’s Vow in Koreatown to start it. Then, you’ll have to travel to Bar Rodriguez in the Bar District. The “start” will be causing trouble again, so go ahead and intervene.

After a short fight, you and the star will go somewhere else. Follow the conversation until a multiple choice question appears:

  • Il Lusion
  • Il Yu-Jin
  • Il Legal

The second option is the correct one, and picking it first will grant you points toward Intellect. After listening to his story, he will let you more than just his feelings, so go ahead and bring him some water. You can purchase a Suntory Mineral Water from Hama Wagon Café, a food truck right on the northwest side of Hamakita Park.

Fetch the water and reunite with Ill Yu-Jin over at N Isezaki Road, just on the corner before Hyakkei St. You will then have to go to a final spot in Koreatown where a fight will occur. After a chat with Il Yu-Jin, he will give you the Bullet of Memory, as well as becoming a Poundmate in your collection.

26 – The Masked Murdered: This substory becomes available in Chapter 9. Right in between Isobe Alley and Hyakkei St. you’ll find a group of people talking about a murder video that supposedly took place in that exact location. From there, go and talk to the Eatery Owner to ask more about this new mystery.

If you started this substory at the beginning of the chapter, you’re gonna have to continue with the main story for it to progress. Without spoilers, just wait until it’s nighttime and you’re just about to go up the stairs in Restaurant Row. The icon will reappear just a few blocks from there. Expect a simple fight afterwards, and you’ll obtain the Profane Wristband and Jiei-san as a new Poundmate.

27 – The Miracle of Spice: This substory becomes available in Chapter 7. Right in the corner of W Tsurukame Highway, you’ll see an elderly woman trying to go across the street. After a brief conversation, travel to Sakura Lane. After… quite a peculiar sight, you’ll learn more about a special kimchi, and you’ll obtain three rations of it.

Now, head over to Jinnai Station to continue. You will see a woman lamenting the soon departure of her lover, and Ichiban will try and think of a way to help. You’ll be given the option to:

  • Share the Kimchi
  • Not Now

Just choose the first option, otherwise the conversation will end but you’ll have to trigger it again and choose that instead. Now, go all the way to Kamakita Park Ave. to find another person in need. After telling them about the wonders of Kimchi and giving them one of the rations, Ichiban will wonder about the eldery woman, so return to check how she’s doing.

You know what to do: after hearing her story, go ahead and give her some kimchi, an action that will reward you points toward Passion. All that’s left to do is to pay another visit to the man behind the miraculous dish. As a reward for completing this substory, Umeko will become a hirable candidate for Ichiban Confections.

28 – Tour Guide Turmoil: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. As you’re walking through Hamakita Park Avenue you will notice a woman with a peculiar outfit. Interact with her and you’ll see a boss scolding the tour guide, who will then let you know about her job problems.

Ichiban will agree to help with a tour around Chinatown, and the tour guide will talk about three pictures in particular: the Gate of Chinatown, the Ultra Packed Super Bun storefront, and the Swine La Tang statue. She will then tell you to meet at the entrance of Chinatown to begin the tour.

Things won’t go so well. It begins with a multiple choice question about the guardian of the gate:

  • Red Fox
  • Green Tanuki
  • Red Dragon

The answer is Red Dragon, and choosing it first will grant you points towards Passion. Then comes the second question:

  • Pink Sign
  • Red Sign
  • Blue Sign

The answer is Blue Sign, and choosing it first will grant points towards Intellect. Once you arrive, there will be yet another question:

  • Hyper Bursting Beauty Bun
  • Mega Miracle Delish Bun
  • Ultra Packed Super Bun

The answer is Ultra Packed Super Bun, and choosing it will grant you points towards Style. After a brief cutscene, Ichiban will get into a fight with a level 24 enemy. Kick his ass and you’ll be rewarded with a Fancy Microphone for finishing the substory, as well as a Technique Booster after an unexpected final conversation. Ayami Ishida will then become available as a hirable candidate in Management Mode.

29 – The Michio Minefield: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. In the southeastern side of Chinatown you’ll find a stressed man, as well as a figure on the floor that might seem familiar to you. A question will arise:

Press the Button
Don’t Press the Button

If you press it, you’ll be given the chance to Mash the Button or just leave it be. Choose the first to gain points toward Confidence. After a while, you’ll be tasked with finding the 7 original figurines from the floor, for which you’ll have to activate Search Mode (first person) and look for them, although the game does so automatically. Make sure to use Focus to zoom in and notice if they’re missing any details.

Remember: They need to have the fish on the side, the ramen bowl on the head, not wear a short sleeves shirt, and have “Ono” written on the chest.

In order from where you start, pick the first one under the bench (after the trash can), ignore the one in the middle, and grab the second on the other side of the next bench. Ignore the third bench, and then you’ll face a group of four – the one you’ll want to grab is close to the wall.

Okay, fourth bench. There’s nothing below, but if you make a 180° turn, you’ll see an isolated figure facing the middle of the area – grab it. Ignore the two that are positioned in the line between the benches, and grab the first that you come across, left from the white floor tile. From there, ignore all the ones on the right, and head towards the bench in the corner to grab the one underneath. Head to the final bench on the right and grab the second figure to pick up the last one of them. This will grant you the Ono Michio Figure as a reward.

30 – Fauxno Michio: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. Head to The Bun Sauna in Chinatown to find a peculiar Michio. It’s a rather straightforward one – just enjoy the cutscenes up to the fight, which won’t give you much of a trouble, and you’ll soon be rewarded with the Def Boom Box, Hironaka as a hirable candidate for Management Mode, and Ono Michio as a new Poundmate.

31 – Like Father, Like Son: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. Head over to Meng Wu in Chinatown to see a pair of cooks talking to a customer. After a brief cutscene, you’ll have to let time pass to continue. For this, it will be enough to just go around the corner for the icon to pop up again.

Watch the cutscene and you’ll be granted an investigative task. You’ll have to let time pass again, so we recommend just going to the stores around the corner and buying something. Go back to the icon to find Yuta on the front. A multiple choice question will appear:

  • Love conquers all!
  • Polish up your skills!
  • Train to become stronger!

The correct option is “Polish up your skills!” and picking it first will give you points towards Kindness. After the conversation, go around the corner again and the icon will reappear. This is the last step. Watch the cutscenes, kick the ass of the two level 24 enemies, and you’ll be rewarded with the Court Tongs.

32 – Forget Me Not: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. As you’re walking through West Carriage Highway you’ll be interrupted by a woman who claims to know Ichiban. After a brief chat, you both will go on a date.

A multiple choice question will appear, asking where should Ichiban take her:

  • Go to a Bar
  • Go to an Arcade
  • Go to a Host Club

“Go to an Arcade” is the right question, although you won’t gain any points towards a Personality stat this time around. Once you arrive she will catch interest in the stuffed animals inside one of the UFO catchers. If you’ve been avoiding them until now, this is your moment – don’t worry though, as the placement for these are way more generous than usual, so you shouldn’t have too much problem catching at least one. After you succeed, that’s when Ichiban will receive points for his Kindness stat.

A series of… cutscenes will play out right after. Eventually you’ll end up in a fight (as Ichiban usually does) but don’t fret as the whole party will appear. Kaede will then mention one last spot she would like to see before the date is over. Watch until the end and the substory will be over.

33 – The Traffic Census Sensei: This substory becomes available in Chapter 12. As you’re walking across Daikokuten St. (just on the opposite side of la chatte blanche) you’ll find a traffic worker that is in need of some help. First, you’ll have to respond how many men you see passing in 15 seconds.

  • 3 Men
  • 4 Men
  • 5 Men
  • 6 Men

The correct answer is 4 Men and you will get a boost of Confidence for picking it first. Let some time pass by moving away from the area and the icon will reappear. The next test will be to count how many women pass by in 20 seconds.

  • 5 Women
  • 6 Women
  • 7 Women
  • 8 Women
  • 9 Women

The correct answer is 7 Women. For the third and final test, you’ll have to count both men and women in a short period of time. The correct answer is 5 Men, 6 Women, and it will grant you points towards the Confidence stat as well. Your reward for finishing this substory is the Battered Tally Counter.

34 – Bros Till the End: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. Take Ichiban to Hamakita Park to find a peculiar biker gang. After a brief cutscene, shit is about to go down, so you’ll have an opportunity to resupply if you need to. It’s likely that you won’t be able to proceed even if you have tons of items – we went ahead to the food trucks up north and purchased a material item. Upon our return Taka wasn’t around, and this triggered another cutscene.

You’ll have to go and look for him. He’s in Central St. which isn’t an ideal distance to go on foot, so we recommend taking a nearby taxi. A fight awaits for you, but it’s fairly straightforward. Take all of them out and you’ll be rewarded with the Swordsman’s Sash, as well as unlocking Taka the Striker as a poundmate.

35 – Preparing to Suck: This substory becomes available in Chapter 9. Head to Sesil Cafe in Gull Alley and step inside to find a vacuum robot, as well as a strange professor. After some enlightening details about his creation, he will mention the need of 1,000,000 yen as an investment. You will need to have this amount in order to continue, but don’t worry since you can return whenever.

After handing them over, the professor will tell you that he’s going to give you a call once he’s done. An icon will appear on the map close to East Carriage Highway – head over there to trigger the call, and then go all the way down towards Jinnai Station.

Sojimaru will make its appearance, and Ichiban seems like the perfect person to test things out. This will evolve into a boss fight of sorts. Focus on the two arms for the time being, but know that you will eventually need to confront the whole thing, so heal your party accordingly. After that, if you’ve been waiting on an opportunity to use your Poundmates, this is the time. Once the fight is over, Sojimaru will become a hirable candidate for Management Mode.

36 – Whispers of the Underworld: This substory becomes available from Chapter 9. It’s one of the few substories that isn’t actually marked on the map at first – in order to activate it, you’ll have to walk across Yokohama Blvd. – from Kinka Pharmacy, just head west towards the river. You’ll need level 4 in Confidence in order to get past the guards.

From here, go to Survive Bar and talk to Iroha about your findings. She will let you know of a peculiar merchant, as well as a password. Once you arrive at the shop, you’ll have to repeat it.

  • Lau Lau Chow Yeah
  • Lau Chau Chau Ya
  • Choo Choo Yowza
  • Love You Love You Booyah

The correct answer is Lau Chau Chau Ya, and you’ll get points toward Intellect for picking it first. A fight will trigger right afterwards, which will face you against three level 28 enemies. Now, head towards Kinka Bridge.

Take the ladder and walk straight on the path below to find Chau. If you have level 7 in Confidence, the shop will become available. From there, purchase any of his weapons and talk to him again to finish the substory. He will then become available as a Poundmate.

37 – Ringleader Roundup: Bear Blues: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. After progressing through the main story, and right before visiting the chairman, head over to Hamakita Park to find a person waving their arms. Ichiban will receive a flyer about a circus in town, which happens to be on the eastern side of the park, so let’s head there.

After a series of events you and the party will end up fighting a bear. Hit Catherine with all you got (especially if that’s fire attacks) and you’ll obtain the Chief’s Towel as a reward.

38 – Ringleader Roundup: Tiger Takeover: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. Let some time pass after #37 (you can do a fight around the park) and return to the icon on the same spot as before. Charlotte will be the enemy this time around – expect a similar strategy to the tiger you fought in the main story. You’ll be rewarded with the Medal of Honor.

39 – Ringleader Roundup: Chimp Calamity: This substory becomes available in Chapter 10. It will be available right after #38. You’ll see a group of construction workers talking about the circus, and once they leave go ahead and return to the ringmaster.

The last enemy for the night is called Clara, and she will make use of some heavy machinery nearby. Electricity and explosives such as Grenades can be really handy here, as well as using the Guard stance to mitigate damage. Once you’re done, you’ll receive the Doll of Torment as a reward, as well as having Clara-chan as a hirable candidate for Management Mode.

40 – Welcome to Dragon Kart!: This substory can be triggered in Chapter 4. We recommend heading there after taking the vocational test (done by following the main story), just beware of mobs since they’ll be most likely higher level than your party at this point. The exact location is north in Hamakita Park – once you’re close to the sea, you can’t miss it.

It’s a rather straightforward one as it unlocks the Dragon Kart minigame, and lets you play your first race (you can decline the invitation and return later, though). Just have fun, finish the race, and enjoy the following cutscene. Once it’s over the mission will be wrapped up, and the minigame will be unlocked for you right afterwards, including the Dragon Kart section of the pause menu where you can review your tournament progress and number of rings collected.

41 – Two-headed Bomb: This substory becomes available after finishing the first cup of Dragon Kart. As soon as you exit the area the icon will appear, and if you get close enough you’ll be greeted with a cutscene featuring Hamanoumi and Naoki. They aren’t particularly happy about their loss, and will ask for a rematch. You can either accept it right away or decline and come back later.

Once you say yes, you’ll be able to select your kart and the race will begin. This takes place on the same track as the last one, but there’s two added conditions: it’s just the three of you, and there’s an awful mist that’s covering the track and limiting visibility. Just keep an eye on the minimap for any upcoming curves, survive in first place for three laps, and the substory will soon be over. You’ll be rewarded with 300 additional rings and the Rumble Crasher kart.

42 – The Rocket Girls: This substory becomes available after finishing the second cup of Dragon Kart. Exit the area and the icon will appear, with the event triggering itself as soon as you get close. Ai and Matsuko will challenge you to a rival race in a similar fashion as the previous one.

It will be just the three of you, plus a daunting mist covering the track. Again, just keep an eye on the minimap and watch out for any traps on the way. If you emerge victorious, you’ll be rewarded with 300 additional rings, as well as the Rapid Phantom kart for your collection.

43 – The Data Drifter: This substory becomes available after finishing the third cup of Dragon Kart. Suguru will sneak behind Ichiban and challenge him to another rival race. It will be just the two of you, but don’t underestimate his kart as it can gain speed really fast.

Again, just be careful of the low visibility due to the mist, and you’ll be rewarded with 300 rings and the Ignition Shadow kart.

44 – Biker Blitz: This substory becomes available after doing The Data Drifter. You will find Akira next to Dragon Kart, who will challenge you to a rival race. Since you can’t access the last tournament yet, this map will be brand new, but don’t fret. It’s similar to the ones you’ve seen so far, only that it combines all the hazards and items in one place, amidst the mist on a really long track.

Survive for three laps in first place to obtain 300 rings and continuing the storyline further.

45 – One Hell of a Racer: This substory becomes available in Chapter 15, and only after finishing Biker Blitz. Depending on where you started doing Dragon Kart events, it may take you a while to see this. Once you arrive at the final chapter, head over to the area and you’ll see Jin sitting on a bench. Accept his challenge and you’ll find yourself in a new race, again with mist disrupting your visibility.

Win in first place to obtain 300 rings, and unlocking the final tournament: Dragon Cup.

46 – The World is my Racetrack: This substory becomes available after finishing the Dragon Cup of Dragon Kart in Chapter 15. Talk to Dragon Racer and challenge him to a race.

This race will take place in one of the Dragon Kart race tracks, so you know what to expect despite the mist. Finish in one place and you’ll be granted with 500 rings, as well as the Rising Dragon kart.

47 – Girl of my Dreams: This substory becomes available after you reach level 5 of your bond with Saeko. If Ichiban has level 10 of Style, go to Survive Bar and talk to Saeko. You won’t see any special prompt, but she will mention if you want to grab a drink with her. Say yes and follow the substory.

At one point a multiple choice question will appear:

  • So there hasn’t been anyone
  • Man, I need a drink!
  • Is there anyone you like right now?

Choose “Is there anyone you like right now?” for a boost in Confidence. From there, just enjoy the following cutscenes and the substory will soon be over.


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