Yakuza: Like a Dragon Lost Cats Guide – All Cat Locations

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There’s a lot to see and discover in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and one of the ways to ensure that you cover as much ground as possible is through Part-time Hero requests. These can open up new substories and grant you with all kinds of rewards, but some like Please Find My Cat require certain steps beforehand. This guide covers how to unlock these two requests, where to find all ten lost cats, and the rewards for saving the kittens.

How to Unlock the Please Find My Cat 1

This particular Part-time Hero request isn’t available right away, and you actually have to activate it by following a couple short steps. Anytime after you have unlocked Part-time Hero (which becomes available at Chapter 5 just by following the main story), return to Café Brave and head to the third floor. Hiro will talk about his cats during a short cutscene. Once that’s over, return to the lobby and head to the exit. Just before you’re about to open the door, you’ll receive a call from Hiro saying that all of his cats escaped, and only Ichiban can rescue them.

At first, you will only have to rescue a total of 9 cats, receiving a Fire God’s Amulet, Mysterious Stone, Toughness Z, and 2,000,000 yen. Then, there will be a second request afterwards for the 10th and last cat.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Lost Cat Locations

Here’s where you can find the first group:

1 – West Carriage Highway

As soon as you exit Café Brave, don’t exit the area just yet. Head all the way north and cross the batting cages. You’ll find the first cat in between the two structures there (which are marked in gray in the map).

2 – Jinnai Service Road

This lost cat can be found in West Jinnai Station, just south of Jinnai Service Road in the map. Go past the bridge and you’ll see a fence close to the main street. Go all the way to the right to find the entrance, and then make a U turn to grab the cat chilling on top of a trash bin.

3 – Bar District

Do you remember that massive sculpted face outside of Leda in the Bar District? Well, turns out one of the cats can be found right at the entrance. Just step inside for a couple steps to find them.

4 – Bayside St.

There’s a massive building between Bayside St. and Daikokuten St. If you walk around it from the Daikokuten St. side, check the right side of its entrance for a lost cat, which is sitting on a box at the corner.

5 – Chinatown

In the alleyway that cuts right through Chinatown vertically (best represented in the map itself), take the southern end and walk towards the middle to find another lost cat.

6 – Hamakita Park

Almost at the middle of Hamakita Park, around the same vertical position as Flowers 2 Go, you’ll see a water dispenser at the center of two roads. The cat can be found chilling right beside it.

7 – Restaurant Row

Right in the heart of Restaurant Row, look for the tight alleyway on the right side to find a cat. For reference, just go all the way east if you’re looking at the map.

8 – S. Sakura River St.

Just in the corner between S. Sakura River St. and Misaki St. there’s a massive parking lot where Can Quest takes place. Climb the ladder or use the ramp on the other side to go up, and you’ll find one of the cats behind a car on the southern end, close to the ladder icon in the map.

9 – Sunrise St.

In Sunrise St. as you’re heading towards Tsurukame Bridge you will come across the stairs that lead to the river below. Instead of heading there, look at the washing machine – that’s right, there’s a cat sitting on top of it.
How to Unlock the Please Find My Cat 2.

After you report back to Hiro and claim the reward, he will mention one last cat and open up the Please Find My Cat 2 request. The lost cat can be in the following location:

10 – Hamakita Park

Head all the way to the western side of Hamakita Park, and go upwards on the walk that can be found around the fountain. You’ll find the last cat sitting on top of a light on the left side (or upwards if you’re looking at the walk from the map).

At last, visit Hiro in Café Brave once more for a fulfilling ending to this story. Your final reward will be 1,000,000 yen (on top of the previous two million!) as well as Reinforced Alloy, Tauriner +, and the greatest gift of all: Robson as your latest Poundmate.


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