Yakuza: Like a Dragon Gold Safes Guide – Safe Keys & Black Market Locations

How to open all those shiny safes

There’s many items to find and collect in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but some are more precious than others. Instead of chests, there’s dozens of silver and gold safes scattered throughout the streets, and there’s a couple steps you need to follow to open them. This guide covers how to obtain gold safe keys and all gold safe locations, as well as their rewards.

Where to Find Gold Safe Keys

Opening silver safes is easy enough. You only need to get through the main story until Chapter 3. After you finish helping the bar owner, you’ll be granted the Skeleton Key, which is a master key that can open any silver safe. But in order to obtain some of the rarest loot in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you’re gonna need gold safe keys.

For this, it’s mandatory to unlock Jobs in Hello Work (which happens in Chapter 5 by following the main story) and have Charisma at level 3. Now, equip the Foreman job. After you exit the Jobs tab, a message will appear saying that Ichiban has gained the ability to demolish certain blockades in the map. Turns out that some of these will actually lead to black market spots, where you can purchase gold safe keys at 10,000 yen each.

The closest one to Hello Work is found in the southern end of Sunrise St. just before the X marked in the map. Look for the barricaded door, and a button prompt will appear. Demolish the entrance and talk to Fumie. Don’t worry about stock, as you can hold up to 500 keys at once.

While you can just obtain as many as you need from this store alone, here are the locations for all the other black market spots:

Restaurant Row

In the heart of Restaurant Row’s alleyway, look for the stairs located right in the middle of the street. Go upstairs, turn left and follow the long corridor. As soon as you’re able turn right and you will see the barricaded door. If you’re looking at the map, you’ll notice the shop is represented by a small rectangle on the left side. Make your entrance to find the Arms Dealer.

Bar District

From Bar Rodriguez, head north towards Kinka Bridge until you find the stairs that lead to a walk around the street, overlooking the river. As soon as you’re upstairs, you’ll find a door to demolish, and Mangekyo will be waiting inside. It’s worth nothing that he does not sell the keys, but if you’re low on throwing knives, gas balls, or grenades, he’s your person.

Lastly, there’s a way to obtain at least one key for free. In Koreatown, inside the same building where the Sujimon master is (using the Isobe Alley entrance) go up the stairs, get past both the silver and gold safes, and continue walking through the corridor. At one point you’ll see a path on the left to another stairs that is blocked, as well as a person sitting on the floor called “The Hiding Man.” You’re gonna want to talk to him around 30 times – you’ll notice how the dialogue changes every couple dozen interactions. Keep doing it until he gives you a gold safe key.

Gold Safe Locations – Yakuza: Like a Dragon

These are all the gold safe locations we’ve found so far, and this list will continue to be updated over time.

Kamurocho Gold Safe Locations

Lullaby Mahjong

Available from Chapter 2, inside the “Staff Only” room. You’ll find a Tranquil Tenugui inside.

Yoshida Batting Center

Follow the route from the right by turning around the corner towards the north, take the stairs and go all the way across the cages, once on the roof, head all the way to the right and you will see the safe there. Open it to find the Fortune Dice inside.

Hotel District

Located at the end of the alleyway, right below the street’s name on the map. You can find the War God Talisman inside.

New Serena Rooftop

Located in New Serena Alley – just go to the back and climb the stairs up to the roof, the chest is right on the other end with a Dragon’s Binding inside.

Tenkaichi Alley

Located in the northern end of the alley. You’ll find the Tiger Belt inside.

E Shichifuku St.

You can find another gold safe on the northeastern corner of the parking lot with a Curse Substitute inside.

Shichifuku St.

In the parking entrance to the Millenium Tower, or just south of the street’s name while looking at the map, head to the vending machines below the roof to find another safe with a Profane Wristband inside.

Champion District

In the vacant lot of Champion District (just on the opposite side of the taxi at the bottom, if you’re looking at the map, or the first alleyway to your right if you’re entering from E Taihei Blvd.) you’ll find two gold safes with a Kongo Mail and Komaki Gloves inside.

Ijincho Gold Safe Locations

Isobe Alley

Located in THE Building 2F. You can find it by entering through Isobe Alley, just go up the stairs and look at the left corner before the hallway. It contains the Comedy Masquerade accessory inside, which will prevent the bearer from being affected by Rage.

Restaurant Row

Located inside Seagull Cinema (unlocked after completing the substory Old Cinema Paradiso). Head downstairs and you’ll see the gold safe at the end of the long hallway. You’ll find a Health Ring inside, which grants Attack +5.

West Carriage Highway

Starting from Café Brave, head all the way north across the batting cages. You’ll find a gold safe on the other side close to the river, which has the Sanity Badge inside. This accessory prevents the bearer from being affected by Brainwashing.

Hamakita Park

Head all the way to the western side of the park – you’ll find a safe after the walk that goes upwards there. It contains the Soulshield Bracelet, which slightly increases resistance against mental ailments to the bearer.

Ichiban Holdings

This only becomes available after reaching rank 50 in Management Mode. In the new building just next to the elevators, you’ll find a gold safe with a Mr. Mind Cooler.

Carriage Highway

This only becomes available in Chapter 15. From Carriage Highway, go north around the massive building and you’ll find a gate (if you look at the map, it’s just at the top of the “triangle”). Just move forward to open it and you’ll find four gold safes. From left to right, they contain: Silhouette Katana, Blesswood Armor, Courage Pendant, and Gallant Binding.

Osaka Sotenbori Gold Safe Locations

Iwao Bridge

Take the stairs below to the boardwalk close to the river and head east to find a Gold Safe just under the bridge. Open it to grab the Blesswood Armor.


Located in the eastern alleyway in Shofukucho. You’ll find the Reverie Shoes inside.

Shofukucho Commerce Building

This safe can be found at the end of the alleyway in the western side of Shofukucho. It contains the Rainbow Hat inside.

Grand Cabaret

Found in W Sotenbori St. just to the left of the Grand Cabaret entrance. It has a Mirage Coat inside.


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