XCOM: Chimera Squad Unrest Guide – How to Lower Unrest

In XCOM: Chimera Squad you are tasked with shutting down various criminal outfits throughout the massive City 31. Revolving around the same challenging gameplay that the series is known for, Chimera Squad introduces a number of unique and new mechanics that players will need to balance. Perhaps the most annoying is Unrest, which is tied to the world’s overall mood. This is a meter linked to each of the nine districts that you will complete missions in. If you plan on completing Chimera Squad, then you’ll need to know how to lower and manage your city’s Unrest.

What is Unrest?

Unrest is how the citizens of City 31 are feeling during these chaotic times. As you complete missions and progress time the Unrest meter for each district will begin to fill. If an Unrest’s meter reaches the maximum (5 bars) that district will be thrown into Anarchy. When a district shifts from Unrest to full-blown Anarchy you will begin to fill up a meter at the top of the screen. This will fill up with one point each if a district’s Unrest state is in Critical or Anarchy. If you reach the maximum of 14 points of Anarchy then the campaign ends and it’s game over.┬áThere is no way to undo the damage if you max out the Anarchy meter, so it should always be a priority to lower this bar.

XCOM Chimera Squad Unrest

How Can You Lower Unrest?

Unrest is tricky to reduce, especially when you are just starting out. The first and most straightforward method is by completing missions in that district. This will lower the Unrest meter by (usually) two bars, which can save you some headaches. Both side missions and main campaign missions will typically lower your Unrest meter. If you’re unsure whether a mission will impact the Unrest meter, check the Rewards section under the level’s description. Unfortunately, you won’t always get a mission tied to a district that you desperately need to fix, which is where Field Teams come into play.

These are abilities that directly impact the map and Unrest meter of districts. To unlock Field Teams, you’ll need to purchase upgrades that passively give you credits, intel, or Elerium as time passes. Upgrading these will not only unlock Field Team Abilities, but the max version of each segment will help you lower the Unrest of a specific district on certain days. For example, if I purchase all three tiers of the Security branch in Old Town, I will reduce the Unrest of that district by two every Friday. This can be great for helping steam Unrest, especially if you’re busy dealing with other sections of the city.

Purchasing multiple Field Teams also lets you access potent, timed abilities such as manually lowering the Unrest of a district or temporarily freezing a district’s Unrest meter. You can purchase upgrades for these abilities via the Assembly, but it will take some time to construct. We strongly advise that you invest in intel whenever possible, as this is the main way you will increase your Field Team’s passive tier lists.

As for Anarchy, the only ways to lower this meter are completing Investigations, using the Major Crimes Task Force ability, or bringing down one of the three enemy factions. All of these are time-consuming, which is why you’ll want to be efficient with your time. Don’t just advance days without completing something on the map, otherwise, you will just become overwhelmed when the Unrest meters begin to spike. You won’t be able to stop all of the Unrest, so prioritize anyu districts getting close to Anarchy. This meter is way more difficult to reduce – especially in the first third of XCOM: Chimera Squad.