Where to Find Toxel and Evolve it Into Toxtricity – Pokemon Sword and Shield Toxel Guide

The most important part of any new Pokemon game is, well, the Pokemon themselves, and Pokemon Sword and Shield is no exception. There are 400 pocket monsters to collect in the Galar region, each with different combinations of types, move sets, IVs, and EVs. It’s a creature’s design that will endear it to the public the most, however. Sword and Shield boast several standout Pokemon designs, and many will only evolve if certain conditions are met. One of the new monsters is called Toxel, an electric and poison type that evolves into the guitar-themed Toxtricity. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find Toxel in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and give you some tips on how to evolve it.

toxel inside pokemon nursery

Where to Find Toxel in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Toxel’s typing of electric and poison make it rather unique in the Galar Pokedex. In fact, Toxel and its evolution Toxtricity are only pocket monsters with that combination of types, which should be attractive to Trainers looking to cover all their coverage bases. There are three different ways to get your hands on Toxel in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

Route 5 Pokemon Nursery 

This is the easiest way to add Toxel to your roster. After completing the very first gym challenge in the town of Turffield, you’ll gain access to Route 5 heading east. About midway through the route you’ll happen across a Pokemon Nursery. Inside is a Toxel sitting on the floor. Speak to the NPC standing next to it, and she’ll gift the it to you. It’s a level 1 ‘mon, unfortunately, so it’s going to take some effort to build up its strength.

Route 7

If you wait a while, you’ll be able to find Toxels in the wild. They can be encountered along Route 7, the road heading east out of Hammerlocke toward Spikemuth. You won’t be able to able to get here until after you complete the Ballonlea gym, which is the fifth gym in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Toxels can’t be found wandering the field like many other Pokemon. Instead, you’ll need to engage in a surprise encounter. These are the battles that accompany an exclamation mark in the tall grass. Since these encounters are largely random it might take a bit of patience, but Toxels aren’t particularly rare.

The Wild Area

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Wild Area is where you can find most species of Pokemon in the game, and Toxel is no different. Unlike on Route 7, you’ll actually be able to see them wandering the field in the Wild Area. There are a few different sections of the Wild Area you should hang out in if you’re looking for one. There are also some specific weather conditions that raise the encounter rate a bit.

  • Bridge Fields during rainy weather
  • Stony Wilderness during thunderstorm weather
  • Giant’s Cap during thunderstorm weather
  • Hammerlocke Hills during thunderstorm weather
  • Motostoke Riverbank during thunderstorm weather

toxel evolved into toxtricity!

Evolving Toxel into Toxtricity

One you get your hands on a Toxel, you’ll need to level it up to level 30 for it to evolve into Toxtricity. There are actually two different variations possible for Toxtricty, each requiring its own set of conditions to be met. The Amped version is yellow and purple, with horns and six growths on its chest to simulate an electric guitar. The Low Key form is light blue and purple, with four growths that represent the four strings on a bass guitar.

low key toxtricity dex entry

The form you get is dependent on the nature of your Toxel. The following natures will result in an Amped Toxtricity: Hardy, Brave, Adamant, Naughty, Docile, Impish, Lax, Hasty, Jolly, Naive, Rash, Sassy, and Quirky.

These are the natures to look out for if you want a Low Key Toxtricity: Lonely, Bold, Relaxed, Timid, Serious, Modest, Mild, Bashful, Calm, Gentle, and Careful.

And that’s how to get a Toxel and evolve it into one of two different versions of Toxtricity in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Which version did you get? Let us know in the comments section below!




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