Where to Find the Monumental’s Location in Demon’s Souls

You’ll Need to Speak With the Monumental In Order to Proceed Through the Game

Demon’s Souls is a tricky game that doesn’t make everything abundantly clear. That’s part of the appeal for some, as exploring and figuring things out is a rewarding process. At the beginning of the game after you’ve defeated the first boss and returned to the Nexus, you’re instructed to find The Monumental.

The game actually shows you a glimpse of where to find this person via a cutscene, but it can be hard to follow. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find The Monumental and what this person does. So, if you’re having trouble following the vague hint the game gives you or if you skipped the cutscene, this guide is for you!

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Where to Find the Monumental

Right after you defeat the Phalanx boss and return to The Nexus, you’re instructed to find The Monumental in order to proceed. This is an NPC who is known as the last survivor of its kind and is there to assist you on your journey.

To find The Monumental, you’ll need to head up to the middle portion of The Nexus by walking up the outer steps. The inner steps take you to all the Archstones, so you’ll want to take the outer ones instead.

Head up to the second landing and then wrap around another set of stairs. This will take you to a narrow, crammed room with candles all over the place. From here, head up yet another set of stairs and you’ll reach one more floor — this time, giving you a path to your right. If you keep going forward up the steps in front, you’ll end up in the upper floors of The Nexus, which is not what you want.

Take the right path that leads back out to the open area of The Nexus, where you’ll be right in front of a god-like statue. Then, take a left and you’ll see a little boy sitting on the ground, hidden amongst the line of lifeless bodies. This is The Monumental. There’s a lit candle in front of him, giving you a hint that he’s alive.

Talk to him, and you’ll then be able to level up with The Maiden in Black, and you’ll have access to the rest of the Archstones throughout the game. After you talk with The Monumental, you’ll be able to proceed.

What Does the Monumental Do?

You can continue to visit The Monumental throughout your journey to get helpful advice. He speaks very softly and is somewhat hard to understand, but can give you great advice for what to do next if you’re stuck.

In addition to giving you lore and some helpful advice, The Monumental will also grant you with the Friend’s Ring if you have Pure White Character Tendency. This ring is very valuable, as it grants you with a 20% damage boost as a Blue Phantom (when being summoned for co-op).


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