Where is the Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge This Week? Nov. 27, 2018

The Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge: you know it, you might not love it, but you’ve gotta complete it each week for some of the best loot in the game. It’s back again, of course. Now it’s time to find out where and how to beat it.

Each new challenges shows off some of the most interesting new content in Forsaken: all inside the the Dreaming City. As usual, the area is home to all sorts of secrets and wonder. It’s full of a things to discover, more loot to earn, and of course, a horrible case of Taken corruption.

And it’s that time again… Each week, the Dreaming City hosts a one Ascendant Challenge out of six. Completing one will earn you Powerful Gear.  and potentially exclusive Dreaming City cosmetics. You’ll want to enter the Ascendant Realm each week to make sure you get these potent rewards. Just make sure to find and speak with Petra Venj, first. She has the weekly Ascendant Challenge bounty you need for the better loot.

Before You Start…

Before you can access any Ascendant Challenge, you need to drink a Tincture of Queensfoil. These items are rewarded randomly for a variety of activities in the Dreaming City: like completing public events, bounties, opening chests, and participating in the Blind Well.

Speaking of bounties, be sure to check where Petra Venj is this week. The weekly rewards from the challenges themselves are pretty paltry. You need to get the weekly “complete an Ascendant Challenge” bounty from Petra to get the good stuff.

Anyway, drinking a Tincture will make you Ascendant for a short time and provide access to secrets hidden throughout the city—most notably portals that transport you to the Ascendant realm, where the challenges are held.

It’s easy to tell when you’re close to a portal. A message will pop up on the bottom-left of the screen, notifying you that “the seam between realities grows weaker.” This is how you know you’re in the right location.

There are six Ascendant Challenges in total. Although only one is available at a time. They’re on a weekly rotation and, on the Tuesday of every seventh week, the challenges start over from the beginning.


This week’s challenge can be found in the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector: The Strand. The portal is  about halfway through the Sector, right before the last large area where the boss and its corresponding chest are found.

When you reach the area, you will notice a large central arena surrounded by a number of crystals and bigass sword-bearing knights. Avoid the latter like the plague. They’re tough and can chop through you like driftwood.

To finish the challenge, you need to find and destroy four Taken blights that spawn around the outskirts of the area. Pesky, infinite shadow thralls and other enemies will try to slow your progress. So keep moving while you destroy the blights as fast as you can.

Those crystals in the room become vulnerable when all four blights are destroyed. Destroy all the crystals to finish the challenge. A good tip here is to keep your distance and use something like a bow or a scout rifle to pick the objects off from a safe distance. But keep in mind that the knights will continue to chase you around the area. Keep moving and the knights shouldn’t be a problem.

And that’s all for this week! Check back next week for our guide to the newest challenge. In the meantime, you can read our Destiny 2: Forsaken review for more thoughts on the expansion. Take care!


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