Watch Dogs Legion WD Credits Guide – How to Get WD Credits

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Watch Dogs Legion is finally here and time to turn the fight against the authoritarian ruling over London, England. Following a terrorist attack in the city, players assume control of a hacktivist operative who works for DeadSec. However, unlike the previous entries in this franchise, players can recruit any citizen in London to their cause. This not only allows you to build a roster of unique (and silly) members, but you’ll gain access to a host of abilities to tackle missions with. While liberating London is the ultimate goal, you’ll want to line your pockets with cash so you can purchase all types of new outfits, vehicles, and items.

There are two types of currencies in Watch Dogs Legion, ETO and WD Credits. The former is the in-universe money which you will frequently earn by playing, while the latter is tied to microtransactions in Legion’s store. Here’s what you need to know about WD Credits and if they are even worth spending your money on as you play through the main campaign.

How to Get WD Credits

The short answer is you can only get these credits by spending real money. So far I haven’t come across any method for earning this in-game cash other than buying the various bundles available. This isn’t terribly surprising, as Ubisoft has been injecting microtransactions into their single-player games for a couple of years now. If you do want to purchase these items, open up your menu, and scroll over to the Store tab. In the bottom right corner, you will see a box with a bunch of gold coins labeled WD Credits. Select this to bring up the different bundles you can purchase, along with how many you will unlock.

Here are the bundles and their prices:

  • 500 WD Credits – $4.99 
  • 1,100 WD Credits – $9.99
  • 2,500 WD Credits – $19.99
  • 4,550  WD Credits – $34.99
  • 7,250  WD Credits – $49.99

With these credits, you can purchase new outfits, in-game progression boosters, a map that shows every collectible, and operatives. I do not recommend spending a single dollar on these credits, regardless of what difficulty you are playing on. Setting aside adding microtransactions to a single-player game, you will never need any of these boosters or operatives. There are plenty of characters throughout London that you can recruit that are either on par or objectively better than what’s offered.

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Even the collectibles map isn’t worth five dollars, since all of the Tech Points are displayed once you turn a borough from Oppressed to Defiant. Instead, just play Watch Dogs Legion and focus on earn ETO instead. This is the currency you will use and earn by playing the game, completing missions, and finishing side objectives. It’s used for virtually everything, so you shouldn’t ever need to shell out real money for WD Credits. In fact, you can get 2,000 ETO free by going to the UPlay Rewards screen and select the ETO Boost. You’ll instantly get some money in your pocket so you can purchase some dope threads to wear around London.


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