Watch Dogs Legion Mask Guide – How to Unlock New Masks

Watch Dogs Legion is finally here and time to turn the fight against the authoritarian ruling over London, England. Following a terrorist attack in the city, players assume control of a hacktivist operative who works for DeadSec. However, unlike the previous entries in this franchise, players can recruit any citizen in London to their cause. This not only allows you to build a roster of unique (and silly) members, but you’ll gain access to a host of abilities to tackle missions with. During your journey to liberate London, you’ll come across a variety of collectibles throughout the game. Some of the coolest are the various masks your operatives can wear when they are being shady.

Unlocked a few different ways, players can pick masks that either tie together an entire look or ones that make you look like a total idiot. The choice is yours and you’ll gain access to a few when the game starts. That being said, if you want some of the coolest masks in Watch Dogs Legions, you’ll need to do a little leg work first.

How to Unlock Masks

The core way to unlock masks in Watch Dogs Legion is by finding them scattered throughout London’s various boroughs. Similar to Tech Points, this is a collectible you will need to physically pick up either by hand or with your drone. They are marked as white gas masks on your map and will be located in small blue containers. Turning a district to Defiant will not mark them on your map, so you’ll need to scour the city for their location. Thankfully, the video above from Youtuber OrcCorp details the location of 35 different masks you can nab and wear. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re not a fan of the starting masks.

Additionally, you can pick a few different masks from the UPlay shop if you have enough Uplay coins. These include the Helm of Sparta and Ubisoft Mask. There are also a few masks tied to the ultimate edition of the game and can only be acquired by purchasing it. Once you have a mask you like, go to any clothing shop throughout the district. Interacting with the computer terminal outside will open up a menu showcasing all the different clothing items for sale. Ignore this and go to the next tab over which displays all the cosmetics items you currently own. You’ll see a box labeled “Masks,” so select that to see every mask you currently own. Now just equip it to your operative and be on your way.

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There’s no mask that’s objectively better than another in Watch Dogs Legion. While they all serve the same function of hiding your identity, the masks themselves boast no inherent benefits outside of anonymity. Feel free to mix and match whatever masks you want. You can use the same one or deck every operative out in a different mask, so feel free to experiment!


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