Watch Dogs: Legion Tips – 9 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

It's a confusing game 'innit?

Ubisoft has gotten much better about teaching you the ins and outs of its games in recent years. There are always a few things, however, that you’d be better off knowing about in advance. That’s why we’re back with yet another tips guide, this time for Watch Dogs: Legion.

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Play on Permadeath, Really

We’re big advocates of playing video games on whatever difficulty you like. You’d never catch us shaming folks for deciding to play on easy. One thing we do recommend, however, is turning on permadeath. Watch Dogs: Legion is unique in that there is no main characters, just your recruits. Since you can easily add members to your crew, there’s really no reason to not have on permadeath. The consequences are relatively small and you get some really nice immersion and stakes added to whatever you’re doing.

Sure it’ll sting a bit when your only character that can get into hospitals gets taken down, but it’ll just give you a reason to go find another and try again.

Go Wide With Your Recruiting

The game takes its time encouraging you to start recruiting characters, but there’s no reason to get started right away. While you’re out and about, check nearby civilians for potential candidates. Pick some that you like for whatever reason that may be — great perks, unique weapon access, fast cars, etc. Doing this gives you flexibility later on when tackling certain missions. That way you have the folks you need when you need them and don’t have to stop to go hunting.

Use Characters To Fast Travel

When your missions start to get spread out you have a few options: drive yourself, use autodrive in a car, and fast travel. But there’s actually a fourth option that the game doesn’t really highlight. If you tab into your team view, you can click on each character and have the game show them on the map. Keep clicking through until you find someone close to where you need to go and voila, fast travel and a character change.

Use the Actual Fast Travel

If you’d prefer to stick to your current character you can just fast travel! There are two ways to do this. The first is the most obvious and just requires you to your map and find the location you’d like to travel to then click it. If you’d prefer to remain immersed, you can also trek over to these fast travel points in the world and take public transportation to wherever you’re going.

Hitting V Will Highlight Everything And Let You Hack Through Walls

One of the biggest frustrations we hear people running into is not being able to hack cameras and other objects, despite the fact that they’re close, because they’re on the other side of a wall. You can actually just activate your hacking scan by hitting “V” on the PC which highlights everything you can hack nearby. This includes cameras and such you may not be aware of. It’s also super useful when you’re camera hopping and aren’t sure if there are available traps nearby.

Focus on Turning Boroughs to Defiant First

Keep playing the main story until the game introduces you to boroughs and ways to make them more defiant of the police. We have a whole guide for this, but what you really need to know is making a borough defiant reveals the location of all tech points and will give you access to a unique crew member to recruit.

Upgrade the Spiderdrone and Get Deep Profiler First

How you spend your tech points is ultimately up to you, but we do have a few recommendations. The Deep Profiler will give you a chance to recruit people who actively dislike DedSec. Without it, you’re one hundred percent locked out of these characters and Ubisoft has made many of the more powerful recruits start off disliking DedSec.

The Spiderbot is easily one of the most underrated pieces of tech. Upgrading it lets you double jump, sprint, and eventually add an invisibility cloak! No more having random folks noticing you scurrying around. Remember, the Spiderbot can access terminals, scout locations, and even obtain hidden collectibles.

Cargobots Are Great for Infiltrating Restricted Zones

If you see a cargo drone flying around and can hack it, you should do so. They’re large enough that you can actually climb atop them and ride them to wherever you need to be. This is particularly useful when you need to break into restricted zones or get up a few floors without running into enemies.

The Benchmark Tool is Super Great

One last tip for other PC players: use the benchmark tool! While the game can autodetect optimal settings, if you want to see how your rig performs with ray tracing on, you can easily do so. We recommend saving the report on your computer so you can easily compare the results. Change one thing, run the benchmark, and see how things go. You’ll easily be able to see how high and ultra ray tracing effect things (very much so). You’ll even get some basic info like minimum FPS, average FPS, and one percent and 0.1 percent low FPS to see how low things get when the game chugs.