Watch Dogs Legion Tech Points Guide – How & Where to Get Tech Points

Watch Dogs Legion drops players into an authoritarian, near-future rendition of London, England, and tasks them will building up an activist hacker group called DeadSec. Unlike the previous two entries in this franchise, Legion forgoes a main character for letting you pick and recruit any citizen in the city. Each with their own abilities and backstory, players will need to access this living toolbox to complete various missions throughout the city.

Many of these missions can be tackled in a number of different ways depending on who you are using. Yet, no matter who you’re using you’ll want to keep an eye out for Tech Points. These are one of the most important items in the entire game, as it allows you to upgrade and unlock gear that your collective can utilize. From drones to weapon silencers, Tech Points are a vital component of Watch Dogs Legion. Here’s how to obtain these items and use them during your battle to retake London.

How to Get Tech Points

There are two main ways to collect Tech Points, the first is by completing main story missions. These are a generally steady stream of points, but it won’t be enough if you want to unlock some of Watch Dogs Legions coolest gadgets. The best method for obtaining Tech Points is by collecting them in the open world with any one of your characters. London houses dozens upon dozens of Tech Points While you will more than likely stumble across them during your journey, you can reveal all the points by completing a Borough Uprising Mission. Finishing this will reveal every point in that area, making it substantially easier to collect them. You will find them marked as green diamonds on your map.

Some can be acquired by just running around, but others will require a Cargo Drone, Spiderbot, or using a window washer lift. You can pick up the Tech Points either in person or with a drone, but the latter is going to be your main method for most of Watch Dogs Legion. Personally, I recommend using the Spiderbot since it can easily reach places and access the Tech Points on buildings or hard to reach areas. Just look for the glowing green rectangles when you are traversing with this drone. Once you approach a Tech Point just press X (PS4)/A (Xbox One) to collect it.

Where to Spend Tech Points

You can spend Tech Points by going to the main menu and selecting the Tech Lab. Once in the lab, you’ll have all of the options and prices for gear and upgrades you can purchase. Items typically cost between 25-50ish Tech Points, so you’ll definitely want to collect them whenever possible. If you’re just starting out I suggest the Deep Profiler as it opens up additional ways to convert and recruit people to your cause. Since having access to more people (and abilities) will open up new opportunities for completing missions, this is definitely a gadget worth nabbing. The silencer for the pistol is also wonderful for those who prefer to go a bit louder during combat.


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