Watch Dogs Legion Counter Guide – How to Counter & Dodge Attacks

Watch Dogs Legion drops players into an authoritarian, near-future rendition of London, England, and tasks them will building up an activist hacker group called DeadSec. Unlike the previous two entries in this franchise, Legion forgoes a main character for letting you pick and recruit any citizen in the city. Each with their own abilities and backstory, players will need to access this living toolbox to complete various missions throughout the city.

Many of these missions can be tackled in a number of different ways depending on who you are using. Regardless of what avenue you pick (short of killing everyone), you will need to engage in a bit of fisticuffs from time to time. While melee combat is rather rudimentary, understanding how to counter and dodge attacks will drastically improve your chances when taking on multiple opponents.

How to Counter & Dodge

In order to perform a counter, you will need to dodge a melee attack at the last second and then strike back. To do this, first press B (Xbox One)/Circle (PS4) to perform a dodge and then press X (Xbox One)/Square (PS4) to immediately counterattack. Remember, you can dodge in any direction by tilting the Left Stick, so make sure you are positioned correctly to land a counter-attack. You will know if you performed a perfect dodge because time will very briefly slow down, so don’t worry about missing it. Only press your attack button if this happens, otherwise, you were either too soon or too late with your dodge.

Don’t forget you can also break an opponent’s guard, but this is risky since you cannot dodge while performing this action. I recommend doing this only if you are having trouble landing hits or stunned, otherwise, you are opening yourself up to take a lot of hits from your foe. It’s honestly easier to just dodge and attack, but grabbing enemies can be worth it — especially if you have a fighter recruited on your team. Guard breaks are especially deadly against overly defensive foes. Just make sure to follow up with another attack before they can raise their arms up again.

How to Recruit Fighters

Some characters are simply better at fisticuffs than others, so don’t expect every person you recruit to be terrific in a brawl. One of the best places to recruit is the Bare Knuckle League, which is a fighting arena where you can battle for titles, rewards, and even a combatant for DeadSec. However, to actually earn the ability to recruit members you will need to earn that arena’s title. There are five arenas scattered throughout London, each of which has its own ladder that you’ll need to climb. Reaching the top “completes” the arena, giving you access to a roster of fighters to pick from. These won’t be open right away, so don’t expect to unlock a fighter or even have a chance top for the first few hours. Now you can batter your foes with relative ease, just make sure not to rely on fighters too much as sometimes a gadget user is a far superior choice.


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