Watch Dogs Legion Car Customization Guide – How to Cutomize Your Ride

Watch Dogs Legion is finally here and time to turn the fight against the authoritarian ruling over London, England. Following a terrorist attack in the city, players assume control of a hacktivist operative who works for DeadSec. However, unlike the previous entries in this franchise, players can recruit any citizen in London to their cause. This not only allows you to build a roster of unique (and silly) members, but you’ll gain access to a host of abilities to tackle missions with. During your journey to liberate London, you’ll come across a variety of potential recruits that own a vehicle.

Given how many open-world games feature deep car customization options, one has to wonder if you can tune your ride in Watch Dogs Legion. Unfortunately, you can only change one aspect of your ride so don’t expect to craft the perfect hot rod.

Watch Dogs Legion Car Customization

How to Customize Your Car

In Watch Dogs Legion, you can only customize the car’s exterior with a flashy paint job. You cannot alter any other aspect of the vehicle or equip it with additional features. There’s also no way to purchase a car, so you’ll be relying on an operative actually owning one or just stealing it from someone. When you do find an operative with a car, open up your menu and go to the Team tab. Highlight the operative with the car and press A (Xbox One)/X (PS4) to gain access to that person’s inventory. Now scroll up to the vehicle and press Y (Xbox One)/Triangle (PS4) to open the car customization sub-menu.

You can now change and purchase paint jobs for your car. When you start out, you will only have the default option available unless you pre-ordered the game. The rest of the skins cost anywhere between 580 ETO to a staggering 23,560 ETO. Alternatively, you can spend real-world money in the Store to purchase car skins and vehicles, but this isn’t worth the price. You’ll find terrific operatives with solid vehicles by just playing the game, so don’t spend any money. Changing the skin on a car will have no impact on its performance or any special abilities that a vehicle may possess. All of those are intrinsic, so you’ll want to make sure to grab a few operatives with different vehicles so you have options when tackling objectives.

More Watch Dogs Legion:

If you’re looking for a greater ride early on, after you complete the prologue I recommend going to the City of Westminster district. Turning this district from Oppressed to Defiant will give you access to the Spy+ operative. Along with a silenced pistol, this person also includes a flashy, high-performance car that not only fires missiles but can turn invisible. This is terrific for shaking off pursuers, tailing people, or just doing surveillance in restricted areas. Alternatively, you can go to Tower Hamlets borough and liberate the people there to earn a high tier escape driver. Both of these are terrific options throughout the campaign.


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