Watch Dogs Legion Borough Guide – How to Make a Borough Defiant

Watch Dogs Legion drops players into an authoritarian, near-future rendition of London, England, and tasks them will building up an activist hacker group called DeadSec. Unlike the previous two entries in this franchise, Legion forgoes a main character for letting you pick and recruit any citizen in the city. Each with their own abilities and backstory, players will need to access this living toolbox to complete various missions throughout the city.

One of your core objectives is to liberate oppressed boroughs throughout London. This is easier said than done, as you’ll not only need to complete a variety of tasks within that borough, along with finishing a difficult Borough Uprising mission. Despite how much work it takes, turning a borough from Oppressed to Defiant is absolutely worth your time — especially early on. It will give you access to some of the best and unique characters in the entire game.

How to Turn a Borough to Defiant

To change a borough’s status to Defiant, your first step is to complete a series of missions within that specific district. There are eight types of missions you can undertake to fill up the borough’s meter until it hits 100%. Thankfully, this isn’t too difficult since most of the borough side missions are very easy. Though you will want to invest in the Spiderdrone to make sneaking past Albion defenses and troops. You can see what is required by navigating to the map via the main menu and highlighting the borough you want to liberate.

  • Collect Evidence
  • Digital Defense
  • Disrupt Propaganda 
  • Hack cTOS Hubs
  • Neutralize VIP
  • Photo Evidence
  • Rescue Freedom Fighter
  • Sabotage

Every borough is different, so make sure to open up your map and complete the objectives marked in red. There’s roughly 3-4 missions you’ll need to finish. They aren’t terribly difficult or long, so it’s definitely worth trying to make a district Defiant — even if you’re just starting out. Completing those will help turn the district to your cause, giving you access to not only a unique operative, but all of the Tech Points in that borough will be highlighted. This can make upgrading your gear much easier since you’ll know exactly where to look when you’re exploring London.

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Remember, you will not gain access to this gameplay mechanic until after you complete the basic prologue, which is roughly 2 hours long. This will introduce you to two of the basic liberation missions and can be easily completed with any character, regardless of what upgrades you’ve focused on. After that, you are shown London’s map and the remaining boroughs you need to liberate. I personally suggest liberating either the City of London or City of Westminster first. Both the Spy and Bee Keeper are very useful for those looking to tackle Watch Dogs Legion with the least amount of non-lethal force as possible. You’ll still need to drive around the districts to lift the “fog” on the map and gain access to the subway stations so you can fast travel.


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