Watch Dogs Legion Upgrade Guide – What Are the Best Gadget Upgrades

Watch Dogs Legion is finally here and time to turn the fight against the authoritarian ruling over London, England. Following a terrorist attack in the city, players assume control of a hacktivist operative who works for DeadSec. However, unlike the previous entries in this franchise, players can recruit any citizen in London to their cause. This not only allows you to build a roster of unique (and silly) members, but you’ll gain access to a host of abilities to tackle missions with. Many of these items can be upgrades with Tech Points, unlocking new skills, and uses to help you during the campaign.

In Watch Dogs Legion, players have a lot of options for tackling various missions which can make picking the best upgrades a bit tricky. Everyone has their own unique playstyle, so just because you don’t see a specific upgrade on this list doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in it. These are just ones I’ve found to be extremely useful as I played through the game. We are going to focus on more non-lethal and stealth options since those are strongly encouraged.

Best Gadget Upgrades

  • Deep Profiler – This is a must-have item regardless of what type of player you are. There are a lot of characters in Watch Dogs Legion that have a negative perception of DeadSec. Because of this, you won’t be able to recruit them the traditional method. However, with the Deep Profiler, you can unlock a special side mission for that character to sway their opinion of you. If you want access to potential police or Albion operatives, the Deep Profiler should be one of the first gadgets you obtain.
  • Spiderbot (Level 3) – Perhaps the most versatile and frequently used gadget, the Spiderbot is used for accessing terminals, scouting locations, or obtaining hidden collectibles. At Level 3, your Spiderbot can cloak itself and will have access to a double jump at Level 2. Both of these combined make it an extremely effective tool for virtually any scenario, allowing you to easily infiltrate restricted zones.
  • Electro-Shock Trap – For those looking for more non-lethal options, the Electro-Shock Trap is great for neutralizing targets that are on patrol. Typically arming traps will kill someone, but the shock trap just knocks them out cold. A lot of Watch Dogs Legion’s enemies have predictable paths they follow. so you can easily bring them down by setting the trap in their path. This is terrific for when you cannot risk getting up close and personal with an adversary.

Watch Dogs Legion Tech Points

  • AR Cloak – While navigating London is fairly easy, the most harrowing areas are the Restricted Zones. Typically heavily patrolled by Albion or Clan Kelley, you will often need to utilize stealth to complete objectives. Enter the AR Cloak, a gadget that allows you to become temporarily invisible. This is terrific for sneaking by guards or cameras so you can access terminals to turn off servers. Plus, upgrading it allows you to stay invisible longer or initiate a close-quarters takedown from greater range.
  • AR Shroud – This upgrade simply turns you invisible when you take down an enemy. By itself, it’s a bit underwhelming, but if you do pick up AR Cloak, this upgrade synergizes nicely with it!
  • DeadSec Grenade Launcher – Having trouble dealing with drones? Is your pistol not cutting it in combat? If you answered “Yes,” then the DeadSec Grenade Launcher is for you. This weapon is terrific for taking down electronic enemies, dealing damage to drones in a wide area. Upgrading it will give you more ammo, letting you deal with any drones that may come hunting for you. Just remember, it’s slow firing so you’ll need to lead your target if it’s moving.
  • Gun Jam – Our final upgrade recommendation is Gun Jam, which does exactly what you’d expect. If you’re going the stealth route this isn’t as useful, but for those preferring to embrace their inner John Wick, Gun Jam can temporarily render an enemy useless. So if you want to use a hitman operative or find yourself dealing with multiple foes, Gun Jam is a terrific upgrade to pick up.

Regardless of which upgrade you pick, I recommend trying to stick to a non-lethal approach at the start. Enemies can be pretty ruthless when aided by drones, so don’t expect to win every open gun battle. Instead, it’s better to gain a few upgrades and unlock some better operatives before pursuing a more violent path.


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