Is the Ignis Wraith Worth Buying? – Ignis Wraith Warframe Guide

The Void Trader sells a fully functional Ignis Wraith, but is it worth your hard-won Ducats?

In Warframe, the Ignis Wraith is a flamethrower weapon with a bit of a storied past. It’s been available in various forms across several events throughout the game. Though the easiest and potentially quickest way to acquire one is through the Void Trader, Baro Ki’teer. The wandering vendor very occasionally rolls through with a fully constructed Ignis Wraith on sale for Ducats (a special Warframe currency acquired through selling prime items). It’s quite pricey in that case, though. So the question becomes: Is the Ignis Wraith worth buying?

The answer is slightly complicated. It depends on your patience, willingness to spend real money, and how much you like interacting with strangers online. Though we can get one thing out of the way to start. The Ignis Wraith is absolutely worth using in-game. The normal Ignis is strong enough, with a significant range and powerful elemental damage. Meanwhile the Wraith variant adds more damage and other bonus stats. Its Heat element is particularly strong in Warframe is it deals damage over time, reduces armor (leading to even more damage), and causes panic (adding a dash of crowd control). And even with a fairly low status chance, the Ignis Wraith hoses out Heat fast enough to trigger the effect reliably.

You can combine the fiery attack with several other damage types. Though Viral is always quite effective when paired with damage over time effects. Viral multiplies  the damage a foe takes to their health (i.e. everything but shields), including each tick of burn damage from a Heat source. For large groups of foes and tanky bosses, the Ignis Wraith is a serious powerhouse.

At the same time, the Ignis Wraith is absolutely not worth buying from Baro Ki’teer. It’s absurdly expensive at 550 Ducats alone. Not to mention the credits cost on top. It’s also now available in-game — without the need to wait for special events. You have a small chance to find its blueprint in the Veil Proxima region. Just take out a Railjack, select a Grineer mission, and check derelict caches for your prize. Of course, even that assumes you’ve played a decent amount of Railjack to level your way into the Veil.

There’s an even easier solution than these; just ping the Trade channel. The Ignis Wraith blueprint was made available for Clans to research and produce at next to no cost back in 2017. It’s no longer possible for multiplayer clans to acquire the research (as it was tied to a limited event), but many slightly older groups produce them more-or-less on demand. You just need to politely ask players in the public Trade channel and, well, hope the right person sees your message.

Slightly less charitable souls will also sell the blueprint for Platinum. Some might try to scam unsuspecting players by hiking up the price, but usually you can find them for three units of the premium currency or less. This can expedite the process immensely if you check sites like and find a seller online.

None of these methods will net you a fully constructed Ignis Wraith. Meaning you need to construct it at your Foundry and wait 12 real hours (or spend Platinum to speed up the process). Whereas the Void Trader will let you skip the construction process and cost. If you have more credits and Ducats than you know what to do with, this might be the best option for you, but the average player should think twice before taking up Baro’s offer on the Ignis Wraith. Warframe offers plenty of other options to more patient players.