Warframe Guide: How to Unlock Caliban Blueprints in The New War

Farm for Caliban Warframe blueprints with ease (once you know where to look).

Caliban is the latest Warframe to grace its namesake game in The New War update. It’s a “Sentient hybrid” class, and if that means anything to you, you’re probably deep enough in the game to farm its parts (or close to it). Caliban has some very interesting abilities to go with its unique classification, too. That means unlocking the murder machine will be a priority for most. Especially since it’s the crux of new gameplay content after The New War campaign. Let’s take a look how where to find Caliban blueprints in Warframe!

Thankfully, the process is pretty simple, if a little tiresome. Caliban is the latest Warframe to have its parts locked behind open world bounties. I don’t mean just any bounties, though! This one is specifically tied to “Narmer Bounties.” For fear of spoilers, I won’t go describe what “Narmer” means. For better and for worse, however, it’s not necessary. Narmer Bounties unlock after you beat The New War story quest (available from your Codex on the Orbiter). Beyond that — and a slightly higher enemy encounter level of 50-70 — these are almost identical to the bounties you know and love. Unless you’re tired of running those same bounties day in and day out, of course, in which case: get ready for a grind.

I really do mean identical. Narmer Bounties feature pretty much the exact same step-by-step, random objectives already found in the Orb Vallis and the Plains of Eidolon. The biggest difference is that they’re found in both the open world zones — not just one or the other. Not at the same time, though. Narmer Bounties are found in the Plains of Eidolon during that region’s daytime. When the bounties aren’t available there, you can find them in the Orb Vallis instead. That means the Orb Vallis temperature cycle (warm vs. cold) has no bearing whatsoever on the bounties’ availability.

Here’s how the game’s website phrases it:

“Caliban Component Blueprints can be acquired from Narmer Bounties during daylight hours on the Plains of Eidolon, and Orb Vallis during the Night cycle (Night in Cetus means the Bounty is available in Orb Vallis). Narmer Bounties become available after completing The New War quest.”

Only one Narmer bounty is available per cycle, as well, and each of these can only award one type of Caliban blueprint. For example: if Caliban Systems are up for grabs, you need to wait for the day/night cycle to swap to see if Caliban Chassis or Caliban Neuroptics drop. That’s a bit of a bummer… You’ll just have to keep at it and hope you get lucky. Such is the way of the game. At least there’s no randomness involved in the main blueprint. Like so many Warframe designs, that one is available on the in-game market for 50,000 credits.

It’s not all bad news, either! Narmer Bounties drop some other tasty treats beyond Caliban blueprints. There are some new and valuable set mods to acquire for your trouble. Possibly even better than that is Narmer Isoplast: a very common drop from Narmer Bounties. These are sure to be the new, primary method for grinding Quills and Vox Solaris standing. Besides dripping like water, they’re worth 2,000 standing apiece. That’s double what a single Toroid provides in Fortuna for much, much less effort. I got 15 Narmer Isoplasts in just my first two bounties —more than enough to max out my daily standing with either faction.

That’s right! They’re good for both factions. You no longer need to farm Sentient Cores (for the Quills) or Toroids (for Vox Solaris) at all if you so desire. Of course, this requires you to beat The New War first, which is a pretty good chunk of the way into Warframe. Your mileage will also vary on Narmer Isoplast drop rates.

Best of luck hunting for those parts, you would-be Caliban mains!