Warframe Cephalite Resonance – Nigthtwave Series 3 Farming Guide

Cephalite Resonance has a long name, but getting 10 of it shouldn't take much time!

Warframe Cephalite Resonance is a new, mysterious resource only available during Nightwave Series 3: The Glassmaker. Although longtime players will probably recognize the means with which you get it! You need Cephalite Resonance to progress the story of Nightwave this season — specifically 10 once you finish investigating the first diorama. Unfortunately there’s no great way to farm Cephalite Resonance. You kinda just have to play the game and get lucky! But we can tell you how to make sure you get the stuff once it appears.

For now, you can only acquire Cephalite Resonance in Warframe via enemies that become “glassed” during regular play. This functions like a mix of Corrupted enemies on Void Fissure missions, and previous unique Nightwave enemies, like the Saturn Six Fugitives. Basically: enemies will randomly become glassed during most normal missions. This seems to include even open-world, Railjack, and Kuva Lich controlled battles. Yet it does not happen during actual Void Fissure missions. Sadly, farming Void Traces and Cephalite Resonance at the same time is a no-go…

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Killing glassed enemies isn’t entirely simple, however. These foes develop unique, glassy weak points that you must first destroy to make them vulnerable to normal attacks. And some players have reported glitches with the Glassmaker foes, leaving them completely invulnerable. If all goes correctly, however, you should be able to shear off their weak points and take them down.

Knocking the hardened enemies over with slam attacks (by jumping in the air and performing a melee strike) makes them easier to take apart. And every time you do kill a glassed enemy, you should receive a random amount of Cephalite Resonance! Some players have reported getting as little as zero from individual foes. Others report two, five, and eight. It seems as random as a lot of Warframe resource drops.

In addition to the Cephalite Resonance, however, you’ll also receive guaranteed Nightwave standing. This is a great way to farm Nightwave standing during Series 3 — since the foes are unlimited, unlike Nightwave challenges. Multiple waves of glassed enemies can even appear in the same mission! So you can hack away at Survival, Defense, Disruption, etc. and bait out even more Cephalite Resonance (as well as standing).

If you’re specifically looking for the Cephalite Resonance, loot-based Warframe abilities and augments do appear to work on the rare resource. Nekros’s Desecrate, Ivara’s Prowl, Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm, and more can all produce extra Cephalite Resonance. So if you’re on the hunt, consider using Warframes like those. Though it shouldn’t take long to get the 10 Cephalite Resonance you need to get past the first phase of Nightwave Series 3. We do assume that the resource will be used in future acts during the event.

You can always tell when you’re about to receive Glassmaker variants, too! Nora Night (the Nightwave DJ) will warn you ahead of time. The glassed foes will also receive objective markers pointing you to your prize. Co-op players in particular should have no trouble tracking them down and beating them up.

We won’t spoil what happens when you actually collect all the necessary Cephalite Resonance. So have fun finding out for yourself! And enjoy Warframe‘s Nightwave Series 3 story for yourself.


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