Warframe Aya Guide – Farming Tips for Prime Resurgence Event

Save time by grinding efficiently!

Warframe’s newest event, Prime Resurgence has finally arrived. Resurgence is a two month long event for players to collect Aya, a new resource which can be traded in for specific Void Relics. For the near future you can visit Varzia in Maroo’s Bazaar who is offering a different grouping of relics for purchase each week. Inside these are pieces for various Prime Warframes such as Mag, Ash, Oberon, Saryn, Mesa, and an assortment of Prime weapon components. In this guide, we will explain the differences between Aya and Regal Aya before examining the various methods of farming it and recommending the most efficient one.

What is Aya?

Aya is a new resource and in-game currency specifically released for the Prime Resurgence event. It is a raw blue Orokin memory plasma in a teardrop shape similar to the Cascade Badge from the Pokemon series. 

Alongside Aya there is also Regal Aya, but with one key difference. Regal Aya can only be bought with real world currency. There are several different Bundles containing Regal Aya in the Market. Each one also comes with different amounts of Platinum depending on the size of the bundle.

It is important to note that neither Aya or Regal Aya are tradeable.

You can exchange one Aya for a single Lith, Meso, Neo, or Axi Void Relic. The specific type of Void Relics available changes each week. Make sure to check their contents as each one contains one or two pieces for the prime frames. If you happen to have both of the warframes for any given week, you can either save your Aya for the next week or spend it on a limited number of cosmetics or convert them to Orokin Ducats.

To be clear, you grind for Aya, spend the Aya on the specific Void Relics you need, and then crack them open like you would any other. The only step this event removes is grinding for a specific relic to randomly drop.

Regal Aya cuts through all of the farming time, letting you directly trade for Prime Warframes (pieces or whole) and Prime weapons without having to depend on RNG reward pools; but again, Regal Aya has to be bought with real world currency.

The cheapest Regal Aya Bundle costs around $20 for three Regal Aya alongside 200 Platinum. The highest Regal Aya Bundle will set you back about $80 for 15 Regal Aya and 1200 Platinum. 

Platinum, for those who are unaware, is Warframe’s main in-game currency. Use it to instantly gain access to eapons, Warframes, skins, and a large assortment of components in company with speeding up crafting purposes in the Foundry.

Both Aya and  Regal Aya can only be traded on Mars at Maroo’s Bazaar to Varzia, a Dax soldier vendor helping Tenno all over the galaxy. If you can’t find that, check your events tab!

Earning Aya

There are currently only three ways Aya can be earned in-game through Warframe’s Prime Resurgence event:

  • Opening relic packs.
  • Missions in the Void.
  • Bounties on Cetus, Earth, Fortuna, Venus, and Necralisk, Deimos.

The first method is one of the slowest. Each relic pack costs 20,000 Syndicate Standing and contains three random Void Relics. Two common, one rare. For Warframe’s Prime Resurgence event, the third Rare Void Relic has a chance to instead be Aya. This is a great way to use any Syndicate Standing you might be earning from completing missions or any you have previously saved.

Void missions are the second way to earn Aya. However, the drop rate is far too low, and it’s absolutely abysmal to grind for in this way. We do not recommend grinding Void missions for Aya. It takes an immense amount of time and yields very little of what we need.

The last option to earn Aya, and what we think is the best to farm, is completing Bounties accepted from Konzu on Cetus, Eudico on Fortuna, and Mother on Necralisk. Bounties are no doubt the most ideal option to earn Aya. We will go over the best places among these three locations and in company with the types of Bounties to accept from Konzu, Eudico and Mother, respectively.

Best Aya Farming Method

Konzu, Eudico, and Mother give out an assortment of Bounties. Each ranging from Tier One to Tier Five with different enemy typing/levels, an assortment of reward pools, and distinct bounty stages to fully complete said bounty. 

As per usual, every bounty stage completion gives the player a reward. During the Resurgence event there’s a chance for it to be Aya.

The Plains of Eidolon is a Tenno’s initial foray in a large free roam environment. Grassy plains, rivers, streams, and deep caves to explore or hunt Eidolons at night. Though this might seem like a good place for farming Aya, Konzu tends to have a large reward pool. The bigger the reward pools, the smaller the chance of earning Aya. If you can help it and have access to the other free roam areas, we recommend farming elsewhere.

So what about Orb Vallis? A frozen tundra with robotic fish and enemies with shields aplenty. On most occasions Eudico’s reward pool is only around six or seven items, giving us a much larger chance to receive Aya. Make sure to pick the Level 40-60, Tier 5 bounties. These require five stages to complete, with the second and fifth stage increasing your chance for earning Aya. The fifth stage can drop two Aya upon completion, which I personally found myself receiving quite often.

And finally we have the Cambion Drift, a large infested locale with enemies, where the environment itself is a stealthy foe as the Infestation has run amok through the very land you traverse. You need to have completed the Heart of Deimos quest to gain access. Mother’s reward pool for bounties is the smallest at just six, which is excellent. Again, pick Level 40-60, Tier 5 Bounties. 

These bounties also require five stages to complete, but the enemies here are much tougher than the Level 40-60 bounties on Orb Vallis. Cambion Drift has many more enemies swarming around too. Infested enemies can hide in the ground and prove more hazardous; especially when you’re already facing a difficult challenge. Though it may sport the highest odds for drops, Cambion Drift is far too much effort due to the vicious enemies.

Considering all of the above, Level 40-60 bounties on Orb Vallis are the most ideal. Though sometimes the bounties might have slightly larger reward pools, you can get through them easier or just come back later to see if a better one is live. Especially since you can sometimes get two Aya from a single stage.

Less than 20 minutes of Level 40-60 Orb Vallis bounties can earn you about five Aya without the constant hassle of being downed or failing stages.

When grinding, use your most comfortable Warframe and weapons. Oberon, Proboscis Cernos, and Azima combined with Paracesis create a perfect kit to even complete bounties alone. It provides devastating power and area of effect damage, cutting through enemy shields, while superb healing will have you surviving even the toughest bounties. Make sure they are all maxed out, and venture into the frozen wastelands of Orb Vallis for Aya. As long as you have maxed out equipment, you can complete these Level 40-60 Bounties solo if needed. Just make sure to use the extra Syndicate Standing earned through these Bounties to trade for Relic Packs. 

As always, it’s beneficial to group up with other players. Many Warframe players are glad to help farm Aya, since everyone is focusing on farming the resource currently. Do not hesitate to ask for help in the chats.

Warframe’s Resurgence event ends January 25, 2022. Aya will be unavailable to earn after this date, but Varzia will still be in Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars for players to trade any leftover currency.

That’s everything you need to know about farming Aya for the Warframe’s two month long Resurgence event! We will be sure to update this guide, if new methods or options vastly improve efficiency in this two month period!