Valheim Repair Guide – How to Fix Tools & Weapons

Valheim is a perfect storm of confusion. It’s procedurally-generated, so no two experiences are the same; it’s in early-access so things are very much in flux; and the tutorial isn’t fully fleshed out yet, meaning it can be hard to fully understand what you’re supposed to be doing. Once you learn how to craft, you will eventually break your pickaxe, your hammer, or anything else you’ve built. Now you could simply build another one, but that seems awfully wasteful. Plus, the flashing red health bar gets super annoying. In this Valheim guide, we’ll teach you how to repair your weapons and other tools!

How to Repair Items

Repairing things like your pickaxe, hammer, or another other tools is actually relatively easy. It will, however, require you have your first base up and running.

During the tutorial you’ll be asked to make a crafting bench. This will let you construct walls, floors, and roofing for whatever shelter you want to make. It’ll also let you lay down some helpful items like a fire, cooking place, and a bed roll. Our one tip? Make sure that crafting bench is put down indoors. It’ll need a roof over it to be completely useful.

Once you’ve done that, simply interact with the crafting bench and click the little sledgehammer looking icon next to your crafting options. If you hover over it, it’ll say “Repair an item.” Clicking this will repair one item in your inventory. As far as we can tell there’s no way to control which item it repairs just yet? This means you may need to click it multiple times to get the right item repaired.

The whole mechanic is pretty unclear right now. Does it use up resources? Are we limited on what we can repair? The only thing we know for sure is once everything is repaired the icon will go grey, keeping you from pressing it again until something else has taken damage or been worn down.

What is Valheim Anyway?

That’s a complicated question. As we mentioned, it’s a procedurally generated world where you’re just trying to survive and take down difficult bosses. One of the more unique features of Valheim is your character which carries progress between servers. No longer do you need to start from zero just because you want to play on a friend’s server.

Valheim is primarily PVE and supports up to ten players though the developers recommend three to five. You can also work together (or alone) to build settlements, farm food, construct ships to sail the seas, or raise entire castles.

Ultimately what you do is entirely up to you. The main game loop is getting strong enough to challenge a boss, collecting it as a trophy, and then readying yourself for the next challenge.

Honestly, we’re pretty early on in the game ourselves and are trying to get our footing. Check back as we’re going to keep playing and write guides for all of the things we find confusing. If our first few hours are any indication, there’s a whole hell of a lot to explain.