Valheim Flint Guide – Where to Find Flint

Flint stones, find the flint stones

Valheim is a perfect storm of confusion. It’s procedurally-generated, so no two experiences are the same; it’s in early-access so things are very much in flux; and the tutorial isn’t fully fleshed out yet, meaning it can be hard to fully understand what you’re supposed to be doing. Finding stones on the ground and getting wood from saplings is easy enough, but if you want to build better tools, you’ll need to get your hands on some flint. In this Valheim guide, we’ll tell you where to look for flint.

Where to Find Flint

If you’re looking for flint, you might spend an hour or so wondering around the forest of Valheim, combing through the underbrush looking for a different kind of rock. But you won’t have any luck here. The main place to find flint? In and around shallow water. Whether it’s a small lake or along the shores of a river, you can usually find flint submerged under a foot or so of water, or washed up on the shore.

When you first start out, open up your map. The game usually reveals enough of the fog of war so you can find the closest water source. It’s there you’ll find the flint you so desperately need. Just like with rocks, you simply need to interact with the flint to get it to pop up as a collectible item on land before walking over it. Doing so will automatically add it to your inventory.

With flint, you’ll be able to craft higher quality tools like axes, knives, spears, and arrows. It will also give you access to the chopping block and tanning rack, both of which are useful for unlocking even more materials for your adventures.

If you somehow haven’t yet put together your crafting table, or are confused on how to repair these tools you’re building, we have a guide for that too!

What is Valheim Anyway?

That’s a complicated question. As we mentioned, it’s a procedurally generated world where you’re just trying to survive and take down difficult bosses. One of the more unique features of Valheim is your character which carries progress between servers. No longer do you need to start from zero just because you want to play on a friend’s server.

Valheim is primarily PVE and supports up to ten players though the developers recommend three to five. You can also work together (or alone) to build settlements, farm food, construct ships to sail the seas, or raise entire castles.

Ultimately what you do is entirely up to you. The main game loop is getting strong enough to challenge a boss, collecting it as a trophy, and then readying yourself for the next challenge.

Honestly, we’re pretty early on in the game ourselves and are trying to get our footing. Check back as we’re going to keep playing and write guides for all of the things we find confusing. If our first few hours are any indication, there’s a whole hell of a lot to explain.