V Rising Tips Guide – 8 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You


Stop hiding those fangs — V Rising is now in early access. The mix between Valheim and Diablo that puts you in the cape and claws of a freshly awoken vampire is already setting an ambitious prospect. As you face a huge map in either PVE or PVP, there are many mechanics to keep in mind and crafting materials to stay on top of. This guide has a ton of V Rising tips for you, ranging from combat advice to the best use of some of the game’s most confusing mechanics.

If you’re looking for more help, we have guides on how to get Blood Essence, how long a day is, explainers on teleport and Blood Types, how to get around the environment when placing a Castle Heart, and what the Castle is Decaying message means as well as how to work around it.

V Rising Tips 1

V Rising Tips

1. Castle Decay Is Your Worst Enemy

We’ll start with two incredibly important tips if you’re playing on dedicated servers. If you aren’t aware, your Castle Heart needs Blood Essence to survive. It consumes Blood Essence over time as a form of power; without Blood Essence, your crafting stations stop functioning and your defenses begin to degrade. You don’t want this to happen for obvious reasons.

2. Set Aside Enough Initial Time to Upgrade Your Castle Heart

We’re going to get into this in the next tip, but when starting out, make sure you have enough time to play. You will need to upgrade your Castle Heart a few times before logging out. The first step requires 12 Copper Ingots and 12 Leather. This process only takes an hour or so if you’re experienced, but if you’re new, set aside a good amount of time to do this.

3. Power Your Base for As Long as You’re Going To Be Offline, or Else

The most important reason you don’t want to be in decay is what it means for everyone else on the server. Should your castle enter decay, even if for just a few minutes, someone can walk through your front door and salvage your base. Everything you built can be destroyed, and that person will walk away with a good percentage of the supplies it took to build. In PVP, this means they can walk in and stake your coffin, killing you and looting your body as well. In short, make sure you have enough power to get through the entire time you’ll be offline. If you don’t, it’s almost guaranteed that someone will take everything you own.

4. You Can Just Hold Down Click to Attack

Yeah, I also went into the game the same way I did with Diablo — button smashing everything on sight. But one of the V Rising tips to keep in mind is that you really don’t need to. You can just hold down click to attack and let your character take care of it. As such, you can keep your mind occupied with timing your skills instead.

V Rising Tips 2

5. You Can Repair Your Gear Via Your Inventory

Your equipment won’t stay in perfect shape forever. But if you’ve been wondering how to repair your equipment in V Rising, all you have to do is open your inventory, hover over the item you want to fix, and press the middle mouse button. You’re going to need specific materials to do so, but they’re always indicated in the item info screen while hovering, so you know what you’re missing.

6. Keep Feeding on One Type of Enemy

Related to Blood Types, another one of our V Rising tips is to continue feeding on one type of enemy. You can go ahead and change blood at any time, but it’s best to stick to one in particular and try to keep it filled. This way, you can retain the bonuses for longer as you search for other enemies with higher blood percentages.

7. Rats Are Basically Health Potions, But With a Catch

The thing with rats is that while they’re quick enough to consume (one could call them a vampire snack), they won’t heal your health right away — instead, they give you blood. That being said, you can use your Blood Mend ability to heal yourself, so rats can essentially be considered your most basic health potions. Frailed Hearts also fall into this category, but like their counterpart, they both give you Frailed Blood, which is something you’d want to choose as soon as possible to get bonuses from other Blood Types instead.

8. One Item per Square

Base building in V Rising is kind of weird. You can usually only place one item per square or tile, and any attempts of adding another one beside it are going to fail. Also, you can’t place some items super close to the walls, which is extremely annoying to me, personally.

[Disclaimer: Tencent, the parent company that owns Fanbyte, is also a majority holder of Stunlock Studios, the developer of V Rising. That being said, there is no direct nor indirect involvement in coverage whatsoever. We do share the love for vampires, but that’s about it.]