V Rising Blood Essence Guide – How to Get Blood Essence

A positive-ly easy way to get Blood Essence.

If you’re into survival games, chances are you may have heard murmurings about V Rising, a vampire survival title from Stunlock Studios, the developers behind Battlerite. It’s like a lot of other games in the genre, except you’re playing at a Diablo-esque angle and well, you’re a vampire. That comes with all sorts of complications including avoiding the sun, feeding on enemies, and sustaining your base via one crucial element: Blood Essence. In this guide, we’ll explain how to gather Blood Essence so you can place down your Castle Heart and get building the base of your dreams.

If you’re looking for more help, we have guides on how to get Blood Essence, how long a day is, explainers on teleport and Blood Types, how to get around the environment when placing a Castle Heart, and what the Castle is Decaying message means as well as how to work around it.

How to Get Blood Essence

Those following the V Rising tutorial quest will notice that it does a surprisingly good job at acclimating you to things despite the game being in Early Access. Plenty of other survival games at this stage simply drop you into the world with very little means of helping you figure out how to play. There are a still shortcomings, however. For one, the game will ask you to place down your Castle Heart in Build Mode, which is simple enough, but you might not have enough Blood Essence just yet. Hovering over the item in your inventory doesn’t really explain how to get more of it either.

Honestly, the answer is pretty straightforward. Up to this point you’ve probably largely fought skeletons. They don’t drop Blood Essence, naturally. To get more Blood Essence, you need to kill foes that are full of blood. Wolves, deer, humans, and the like. We only need about 30 Essence, plus a few extra to place our border claims, so there’s no need to go wild for now.

Some enemies may also drop Tainted Hearts, an item which you can turn into a larger amount of Blood Essence after building a Blood Press in your base. You need 12 planks and 120 stone for this one though, so get gathering! If you’ve rounded up rats along the way, you can turn four of them into ten Blood Essence using the Blood Press as well, though it’s not exactly the most efficient use for the creatures.

Blood Essence Uses

Not only do you need Blood Essence when building your base, it’s also the literal lifeblood of your base itself. That Castle Heart needs to be fed. Your base naturally decays over time and needs Blood Essence infusions to survive. Two full stacks are enough to keep the base going for two days, meaning you’re free to make some long treks, but you need to keep this in mind. Until you upgrade your base’s efficiency, you need to stay somewhat close by.

There are likely more uses for Blood Essence as you get further in the game. The description says it’s also used to “unlock sealed knowledge” and to “convert humans into obedient servants.” When we discover all the ways to do so, we’ll let you know!

[Disclaimer: Tencent, the parent company that owns Fanbyte, is also a majority holder of Stunlock Studios, the developer of V Rising. That being said, there is no direct nor indirect involvement in coverage whatsoever. We do share the love for vampires, but that’s about it.]