Untitled Goose Game High Street Guide – Toothbrush Location, Break the Broom, & More

After honking your way through a garden and vexing its poor groundskeeper, the second area of Untitled Goose Game sends you to High Street. Here, you’ll encounter a playful child, an electronics shop, and the proprietor of an open air sundry market. The checklist of goals is a step up in complexity from the previous one, with a few multi-step objectives and some well-hidden items. This guide will help quickly find that troublesome toothbrush and break the broomhandle as you flap through High Street with ease.

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Trap the Boy in the Phone Booth

This is the first to-do item that involves inconveniencing the poor child simply trying to enjoy his toy airplane and soccer ball in the middle of High Street. Run towards the boy and honk at him to send him running in the opposite direction. If you honk him towards the phone booth in the corner near the entrance to the electronics shop, he’ll open it up and take cover inside.   

How to Get on TV

You’ll have to sneak into the electronics shop to complete this goal, and there are a couple of ways to do so. 

  1. The easiest is to honk at the shop’s owner while the boy is trapped inside the phone booth. The owner will come out to investigate and help the boy escape the booth. Use this opportunity to sneak into the shop.
  2. There are a pair of two-way radios on the table outside the hose at the end of High Street. Bring one to the front of the electronics shop, and honk into the other while holding it. The shop owner will come investigate the source of the noise, giving you a window to sneak in.

Whichever method you use, once you’re in the shop you can hit the switch near the window to change the display on the televisions.

Make the Boy Wear the Wrong Glasses

In order to switch out the boy’s glasses, you’ll have to first make him remove the ones he’s wearing. There are a couple ways to do this:

  1. Wait for him to inspect his glasses. Honk at him and he’ll drop them in surprise.
  2. Untie his shoes and start honking and chasing him. When he runs away, he’ll trip and fall, dropping his glasses in the process

While he’s blindly feeling around for his glasses, snatch them up and hide them someplace else. Then, sneak a new pair from shop while the shopkeep isn’t looking. Take them over the boy and drop them nearby. He’ll pick them up and put them on.

Make Someone Buy Back Their Own Stuff

This is yet another goal revolving around tormenting the poor boy. While he’s not looking, steal his toy plane and place it onto one of the shelves in the shop. Chase the boy towards the shop (or simply wait for him to look for the plane), and he’ll ask the shopkeep to give it back. The keeper won’t let him, and he’ll be forced to buy his own toy.

How to Break the Broom

If you walk into the shop, the shopkeep will usually try to shoo you off with a broom. When she does, grab the broom head and don’t let go. Pull on it a bit and the broomhead will snap right off.

Trap the Shopkeeper in the Garage

When the broom breaks, the shopkeep will open up the nearby garage in order to fix it. When she goes inside, you can use the pull string to close the door, trapping her inside. Alternatively, if you miss the initial window following the broom breaking, you can simply snatch an item from the shop and drop it into the garage. The shopkeeper will head inside to retrieve it, giving you a chance to close her in. She’ll then use a side door and open up the gate leading to the next area.

Go Shopping – Toothbrush Location

To complete this goal, you’ll have to place six items inside the shopping basket on the ground near the shop. It’s best to do this while the shopkeeper is inside the garage, but you can also snatch the basket away while she’s not looking and take it someplace safe while you grab your items. The loo paper, tinned food, cleaner, hairbrush, and fruit and veg are all in the shop, while the toothbrush is in the trash can near the house at the end of the street. Knock it over and the toothbrush will fall right out. There’s also a second bottle of cleaner near the trash can in case you’re struggling with snagging the one in the shop.  


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