Unlocking the Secret Forge Emblems: Destiny 2 Black Armory Guide

Something fishy is happening in the Destiny 2 Forges. It involves the complicated unlocking of some emblems. And we’re here to tell you exactly how to unlock these new, hidden cosmetics for your Guardian!

There’s definitely more to these emblems than meets the eye. However, since Black Armory content trickles out over the course of a few months, we won’t don’t know what’s up just yet. One thing we do know is that you probably want these emblems for when the time comes.

To get the three emblems, you need three Black Armory weapons: the Hammerhead, the Tatara Gaze sniper rifle, and Spiteful Fang. These are all acquired through Powerful Frames given by Ada-1 and forged at the three various forge locations.

Rasmussen’s Gift

Equip Hammerhead and head to Volundr Forge in the EDZ. You will need to use the LMG and aim down its sights to find hidden symbols within the forge. Then you shoot them in a specific order.

Directly to the right of the forge itself, in between two rock formations, you will see a flame icon. Shoot it. Look down to your right on the ground and you should see a sun icon. Stand on the sun and get ready to shoot in this specific order.

  • A + sign on the crate behind you
  • Turn around and look up on the ceiling of the cave; shoot the U-shaped symbol
  • Turn to your right; shoot the letter L under the ledge
  • To the left and above the L; shoot the letter F
  • Turn left and shoot the B to the right of the rocks
  • Turn around and shoot the letter E on the edge of the forge platform
  • Turn right and shoot the letter R on the pillar between the two yellow crates
  • Turn left and shoot the letter H on the yellow box
  • Shoot the letter T on the left box
  • Face the original crate and shoot the + sign again

Once finished, you will need to jump to the large rock in front of you. Look down and find a moon icon on the ground. Stand on it and get ready to repeat the above steps once more — only the final two steps are reversed. You will have to shoot the + sign and then the T.

After you shoot the T, turn to your right and you should see a storm symbol on the wall. Shoot it to receive Rasmussen’s Gift (if done correctly).

Satou’s Secret

Head back to Volundr Forge with the Tatara’s Gaze sniper rifle. Then get ready to shoot more symbols.

This time, you need to stand on a blue tiger face symbol, which can be found on top of the red boxes directly behind the forge. Aim down sights with the sniper and shoot symbols in this order:

  • Look to your left and find the fish symbol on the ramp
  • To the right of the forge, shoot the flower symbol on the rock formation
  • Turn to your right and look up; shoot the temple symbol

Next, get off of the boxes while aiming down sights. There’s a dragon symbol on the ground in front of you. That’s where you need to stand next. Once on the dragon, shoot symbols in this order:

  • Look forward and through the archway; shoot the arch symbol on the crates
  • Look up at the ceiling; shoot the rabbit symbol
  • Turn to your left, look up at the rock formation on the right side of the cave’s opening, then shoot the bamboo icon
  • Turn to your left and shoot the temple on the bottom side of the turbine

Voila! Enjoy the new emblem.

Meyrin’s Vision

The final emblem is also found in Volundr Forge. Bring the Spiteful Fang bow with you this time.

Looking through the bow’s sites, find a butterfly symbol on the ground shortly after you jump across the broken bridge to enter the area. Stand on the butterfly and use the bow to find and shoot these symbols:

  • Turn to the yellow crates and shoot the tree symbol
  • Turn to the area with the huge opening; shoot the paper symbol on the rock formation to the left

After that, look on the ground for three metal plates and look for a Rising Sun symbol. Stand on it and get ready to shoot three more symbols:

  • On the crates to the right of the broken bridge, shoot the heart symbol
  • Shoot the heart symbol again
  • Turn around to your left and shoot the tree symbol on the yellow box
  • Look on the ceiling above you and shoot the wings symbol

If done correctly, the final Black Armory emblem (that we currently know of) is yours! Stay tuned for more information about these emblems and what they potentially unlock over the next few weeks.